Thursday, February 19, 2009

2008 British Dykes Medal Winner, Siberian Iris 'PETER HEWITT'

Photo Credit and big hat tip to Aulden Farm

My congratulations to Jennifer Hewitt for her Dykes Medal Award for the Siberian Iris 'Peter Hewitt' which continues a proud British Iris Society tradition of awarding DM to beardless Irises. Available in England from Alden Farms who have a great catalogue of Iris.

Alden Farm Catalogue 2009 Iris sibirica 'Peter Hewitt' £ 5.00 A dependable iris producing plentiful flowers and deserving its Dykes Medal. A combination of violet-blue against an eye catching deep gold signal. The falls are usually bounded by a gold edge. An attractive addition to any garden.

The Dykes Medal
Siberian Iris ‘Peter Hewitt’
This iris, bred by Jennifer Hewitt and named for her late husband, is the first British cultivar to receive this highest and most prestigious award since TB ‘Alexia’ in 2006 and, before that, TB ‘Darley Dale’ in 2001. Often the award is not given unless an iris is considered worthy of receiving it and ‘Peter Hewitt’ certainly is. Registered in 2003 this iris blooms mid-late season at a height of 37ins (94cm). It is described as having violet blue standards, fading to wisteria blue with darker veins; turquoise style arms and falls of deep blue violet, bluer around the deep gold signal and edged gold. Its parentage is ‘Coronation Anthem’ x ‘Gold Edge’.

Olga Wells

2006 Cumulative Checklist of Siberian Irises
PETER HEWITT Hewitt, Jennifer Reg. 2003 Sdlg. TE 969/B1. SIB (tet.) (37" 94 cm) ML. S. violet-blue (RHS 90A) lightening with age to wisteria blue (92A) veined darker violet; style arms turquoise, edges and crests brownish lilac aging medium violet; F. deep blue-violet (near 83A) aging violet-blue (89C), bluer around deep gold signal, petal edge gold; flared S., semi-flared to arched F., slight fimbriation on style arms. Coronation Anthem X Golden Edge. AGM 2005

It is probably an opportune time to note that the first ever Iris awarded a Dykes Memorial Medal was formally made at the General Meeting of the Iris Society (BIS) on November 30th 1927 to Mr Amos Perry for his hybrid between I.Chrysographes and I. Douglasiana named MARGOT HOLMES.

It was a major logistical exercise to piece this post together. I offer my sincere thanks to the following people for their help, which has allowed the sharing of their information with the visitors to this blog. Jennifer Hewitt, Olga Wells, Editor BIS Yearbook, Clive Russell, Chairman BIS, Julian Browse of Seagate Irises.

To Alun and Jill Whitehead of Alden Farm who have recently become the guardians for the old National Collection of Siberian Iris in England, all the very best for getting the status renewed and a Huge thanks for the Photo and information.

Massive hat tip to Anne Milner for her guidance and steering me in the right direction around English Iris Circles.


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