Thursday, June 19, 2008

Aril Iris Plant Sale



For all those
visitors lucky enough to live in America and Europe the 2008 Aril Plant sale is on.
In Accordance with past practice the ASI plant sale is for ASI members only. New Members are Welcome and a Membership application can accompany order. Dues for individual are $10.00 annual or $28.00 triennial, Family $13.50 annual or $33.50 triennial, $150.00 lifetime payable to Aril Society International
This is a great way to start a Aril Iris collection for a reasonable price. Take a look!!
Order priority is based on postmark date, not received date so the quicker you get your order in the higher priority you order receives. Download Catalogue

Unfortunately for New Zealander's due to MAF regulations importing plants at this time would prove to be difficult so you will have to wait for the fantastic seed sale. But if you join now you will receive your seed list in the mail when its due!!!!



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