Sunday, October 3, 2010

Tall Bearded Iris 'PROUD TRADITION'

'Proud Tradition' is in my opinion the best 'Neglecta' when it comes to the "classic modern form". It has wide and lightly ruffled deep Hyacinth blue falls with light blue standards which are displayed on fine stems that yield eight to ten buds. Matching blue beards that are lightly tipped yellow, which contribute to the overall good effect. Better than great health, with average vigour and increase. A respected variety that has a prominent place growing in our garden at home.

 CONTEMPORARY VIEWS Perry Dyer —1994/1995
The SUN BELT AWARD is given to the Best Proven Variety, i.e., one that has been on the market long enough to be thoroughly tested in the Midwest (at least 4 years): PROUD TRADITION (Schreiner 1990) has developed into the finest neglecta, for overall performance, in the Heartland. It is a very masculine flower, with a rich velvet texture, broad parts with virtually no ruffling. The color saturation is complete, with heaviest of substance, allowing the flower to retain all its pigmentation through the life of the flower. The stalks are husky and tall, holding up the large flowers with dignity.The plant habits are impeccable, with huge thick plants with strong increase. A total vision of health, head to toe.

Schreiners 75th Diamond Anniversary 2000 Iris Lovers Catalog
PROUD TRADITION (Schreiner 1990) EM, 36"
This blue Bi-tone boasts impeccable colouration coupled with classic form. Held with stately flare, the wide ruffled falls boasts a uniformed deep hyacinth blue while the arched silver blue add an impeccable finishing touch. Proud Tradition's excellent stems yield 8-10 double socketed buds per stalk HM 1992, AM 1994

AIS Checklist 1999
'Proud Tradition' (Schreiner, R.1990). Seedling W 164-A. TB, height 36" (91 cm), early to mid season bloom. Standards light blue (RHS 91C); falls ruffled medium blue (93A); beards blue, tipped yellow. J 50-G: (D 241-1: ((First Violet x King's Choice) x (Allegiance x ((Pierre Menard x Blue Ensign) x Harbor Blue)) x ((First Violet x Arabi Pasha) x (Salem x Bluebird Blue))) x Navy Strut) X Royal Crusader. Schreiner 1990.

Still been sold ($12.50) by Schreiners 20 years after its introduction from their web site (Listed in the Iris Links on this page.)
For such a stand out Iris it is somewhat bewildering to find that this iris is not sold by any commercial grower in New Zealand!!!!
Its a real privilege to feature this variety on my return to writing for the blog.
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Photo credit and copyright Iris Hunter


  1. I've been waiting for ages for an update here!!! A beautiful iris to get the season rolling. Have you experienced an early start to the iris season this year? I've got flowers out already on some of my dwarf beardies.

  2. The bitones are my favourite colouration for iris. A combination of deep, velvety falls and light blue standards is so very pretty. 'Proud Tradition' is really gorgeous, and it sounds like it has health and vigour to match.


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