Friday, April 3, 2009

Tall Bearded Iris "WINE AND ROSES "

Still flowering today after a week of banging out blooms and more buds to come. A Re-Bloomer for sure from the hands of David Hall a Legendary Hybridiser!!! An Iris of significant Historical interest, the first Iris with this colour pattern, a breakthrough at the time.Great Parent (Pollen parent to 'Latin Lover') and Ron Busch used this Iris in his breeding program and it appears in the parentage of his Iris 'Brookside' .

Cooley's Iris Gardens, 1963
WINE AND ROSES (Hall 1963)
A break much sought after by hybridisers has been a combination of clear rose pink and deep violet purple. The older 'Tally Ho' was a step in this direction and 'Pagan Princess' can likewise be included. Now here is the flower which brings these colours out in truly splendid fashion-ruffled, flaring, clean and sharp contrast! The edging of rose pink around the velvety falls exactly matches the standards. There is a warm glow at the heart of the flower and the beard is red-orange-- not amply displayed because of the angle of our photograph. Large blooms; well branched. 35 inch stems. No 59-26....................Each $25.00

Photo plate courtesy Cooley's Gardens Catalog 1963

Schreiners Iris Lovers Catalog 1965
WINE AND ROSES (Hall, 1963) M. 36"
This stunning novelty has a startling contrast- the standards are clear rose pink and the falls are deep wine with a margining the same rose pink of the standards. The flowers are ruffled, flaring and a study in contrast done with a flair. A welcome new color pattern, entirely different from any other iris. HM 64

AIS Checklist 1969 
WINE AND ROSES (D. Hall, R. 1963). Sdlg. 59-26. TB 35" M. V3. S rose-pink; F violet-purple edged rose-pink. From two sdlgs. of same coloring., Cooley 1963. HM 1964, JC 1964, 1965, AM 1966.

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Photo credit and copyright Iris Hunter.


  1. My Oh My! how gorgeous is Wine and Roses.

  2. 'Wine and Roses' is the most fragrant iris my well-tutored nose has encountered. I had it a long time ago and, now, many miles and years away--I want it again! It bloomed about 10 ft from my kitchen window and perfumed the whole room. What other iris have you heard of doing that? It was a delicious fragrance. I want it!


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