Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Siberian Iris



The Spring 2009 The Siberian Iris has turned up in the Post, and as usual an enjoyable and informative read.
The photo featured on the cover is of Siberian Irises in Norway with the Valder√ły fjord in the background. Photo credit Patricia Hamilton.

TSI is distributed to members of the Society of Siberian Irises twice a year, with interesting information and coloured photos dedicated to the amazing Siberian Irises.

Siberian Iris lovers worldwide who wish to receive quality iris information plus the many other benefit's of membership should give serious thought to Join The Society for Siberian Irises it's a great investment, for a very reasonable cost.
For folks living in the U.S. or Canada, Single Annual $10.00, Single Triennial $25.00, Family Annual $12.00, Family Triennial $30.00.For folks living in other interesting places (Overseas), Annual $15.00, Triennial $40.00. (All US Dollars)

For more information on these
beardless aristocrat's of the garden or how to join this friendly Society go to the Siberian Iris Society web site or click on the TSI Bulletin above



  1. Thanks for the link to Society for Siberian Irises
    In the recent introductions for siberien iris, I love Miss Apple , Gem Quality , Hot Sketch and Copper Country

  2. I learn something everytime I come and visit! I hadn't thought of a siberian iris magazine. who knew?


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