Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Siberian Iris "LILTING LAURA"

Anna Mae Miller is one of the living treasures of the Siberian Iris world and is a prolific hybridiser of hardy no nonsense high health Siberians
Lilting Laura is one of the most popular Siberians in New Zealand .The flowers are lavender shaded darker in the centre, accented with white styles. It is very vigorous and easy to grow.

2006 Cumulative Check List of Siberian Irises
LILTING LAURA Miller, Anna Mae Reg 1989 Sdlg 85.20.17 SIB (dip.) (37" 94 cm) M & ML S. pale violet (RHS 87D); pale violet style arms, slightly darker (87C) midrib; F. violet (87A). Aqua Whispers X Lavender Bounty. Old Douglas Perennials 1990

Good size plants can be purchased for a very reasonable price in America from Wildwood Gardens who have a very good selection of Siberian Irises.

In New Zealand Siberian iris are wonderful landscape plants and do very well as cut flowers. The graceful flowers are carried above an elegant clump of grass-like, blue-green foliage which is attractive all season. Siberians bloom just after the bearded iris and just before the Japanese Iris, and can tolerate a wide range of soils, light exposures and moisture levels and are drought tolerant after they are established. They have almost no disease or pest problems. Ideal conditions are a sunny place with moist, rich, slightly acid soil.
They can also grow well next to pools or marshes and after the first frost their foliage turns a rich reddish-brown. Siberians can remain in place for years without division. When necessary, they should be moved and divided in late summer, preferably March- April.

To find out more information on Siberian Iris go to The Society for Siberian Irises at

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