Monday, April 16, 2012

White Irises and Trade Me

For years I have been hesitant to write about 'White Irises' as there is the a common problem that comes with posting about any white and also other colours of iris on the blog, and as today's above post is about 'Okarita A New Zealand Bred White Iris' I will use this variety for my hypothetical scenario;

White irises with a lost label are very common and just about every nincompoop trader that owns a look-a-like white iris in New Zealand with a lost label or no identity could now label it as '''Okarita,"a New Zealand bred white iris' because believe it or not their in-depth research has reached the dizzy heights of  analytical wisdom which allows them to conclude "mine sort of looks like it too, its white isn't it?" Armed with this unshakable ground breaking conclusion and possibly a photoshop image of a white iris most likely stolen from google images they then go on to sell the iris on 'Trade Me' as the real deal, which it most likely will not be. 

These people are around and they really have no interest in irises their only interest is in getting the highest price for their goods by deception, and if you think this has never happened, then you would be wrong.

If you have any doubts about an irises provenance my advice is buy your Irises from a reputable commercial grower as they will have vetted their catalogue and generally have a policy to replace any wrongly labelled irises.


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