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Tall Bearded Space Age Iris CONJURATION

Flowers are small for the height of the stalks. It's a more subtle Space Age form and some people take a lot of convincing that it is a Space Age Iris at all. Covers itself in blooms with a great backup of buds. I've always been impressed with this Iris growing in other gardens but only just purchased this Iris last season, so for me to write that I'm looking forward to this multi-award winning iris blooming at home would have to be the understatement of 2013 .

Moonshine Gardens, Potter Valley California.
Introductions 1989
CONJURATION *TB*(Sky Hooks x Condottiere) X Alpine Castle.White with suffused violet edges, much deeper on the falls; white beard tipped tangerine and fuzzy white horns. A more modern, more ruffled Alpine Castle with horns...................................................................$35.00.

IRISES A Gardener's Encyclopedia, Claire Austin
'Conjuration' (Byers 1988) this variety produces small, scented flowers balanced on slender, well branched stems. The blooms are mainly white, but the falls are broadly edged with rose violet, while standards are tinged with a paler violet. The white beards are long, horned, and tipped with tangerine toward the back. Height 91 cm (36½"). Bloom : mid to late season. Parentage (Sky Hooks x Condottiere) X Alpine Castle. Dykes Medal Winner USA 1998.

IRIS Flowers of the Rainbow, Graeme Grosvenor. Amoena.
'Conjuration' (Byers 1988) it is not an amoena in the true sense as the white standards have a pale blue-violet edge while the falls are deep amethyst violet with a white central area surrounding white beards tipped tangerine with fuzzy white horns. This "Space-Age" Iris is ruffled, has good form and gives a blue-violet amoena effect in the garden. Spikes reach 90 cm in mid to late season, are strong, well held and support the eight or more buds. Growth, health, vigour and increase are all good, as is the general garden effect of this beauty. Breeding is (Sky Hooks x Condottiere) X Alpine Castle.

Contemporary Views, 1989, Perry Dyer– Award Winners
The 9-1-1 AWARD is given to the New Iris that is the most significant hybridizing achievement or color break. This year’s winner is the new Space Age iris, CONJURATION (Byers 1989). As viewed in Memphis at the master planting at Ketchum, it was a tall, commanding “amoena” in the tradition of its parent, ‘Alpine Castle’ (Blyth), but with drastically improved form. The stalks were somewhat thin, but tall and stately, and holding up average sized flowers with no problem in light rain and wind. Exceptionally vigorous and floriferous, it makes a smashing clump, but I feel it will also consistently produce show stalks. The color scheme is basically a white infused lilac-lavender, with the falls heavily washed on the edges in amethyst in the style of ‘Planned Treasure’ (Burger) or ‘Fuji’s Mantle’ (Schreiner). All of this is capped with consistent, bright tangerine beards and horns! A great breakthrough.

Contemporary Views, 1993, Perry Dyer- Space Age.
The presence of the late Monty Byers was felt all the way to Italy, and he took the competition by storm, placing five in the Top 20 finalists, and two in the Top 10! For the first time in the entire history of the competition, a Space Age iris won the top prize: CONJURATION (Byers 1989). The local Italian ladies would walk by the spectacular clump and proclaim, “bella, bella”!
Cooleys Gardens, Silverton, Oregon. Iris Catalog 2002.
pace Age Iris
CONJURATION (Byers 1989) ML. 40" Bright white standards are lightly infused pale violet blue. Smooth, wide blue-violet edging on white falls. Tangerine tipped white beards. Frilly white horns.HM '91, AM '94,  Wister Medal '98, Dykes Medal '98

Schreiner's, Salem,Oregon, 2013 Collectors Edition, Iris Lovers Catalog.
CONJURATION (Byers 1989) ML. 40"
A fantastic spellbinder! Conjuration's clean white standards are delicately tinted with pale blue-violet. Deeper 3/4 inch bands of amethyst-violet dramatically edge its snow-white falls. Look closely to see fuzzy white horns extending from the tangerine beards. Double-and triple-socketed buds yield 8-12 flowers per stalk. HM '91, AM '94,  Wister Medal '98, Dykes Medal '98

AIS Checklist 1989
CONJURATION (Monty Byers, registered 1988). Seedling D1-1. TB, height 36" (91 cm), mid to late bloom season. Standards white, edge lightly infused pale violet blue; falls white, suffusing to deep bright amethyst violet edge; white beard tipped tangerine; fuzzy white horns; ruffled. B-37-10: (Sky Hooks x Condottiere) X Alpine Castle. Moonshine Gardens 1989. Honorable Mention 1991; Award of Merit 1994; Wister Medal 1998; American Dykes Medal 1998.

This photo and others recently displayed on this blog and credited to Julie May were taken in 2003 on a Canon PowerShot S45 a 4.1 Megapixel compact point-and-shoot camera, now ain't that something.
As usual, clicking the above image will take you to the larger, higher resolution version.
Photo credit and copyright Julie May.


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