Monday, October 14, 2013

Historic Arilbred Iris ' WITCH DOCTOR'

It has rained a lot in the past few days with very strong winds. Checking the garden this morning the arilbred 'Witch Doctor' had unwrapped itself from its large buds to show us just how good looking Arilbred Irises really are. Most likely sterile. Beautiful and mysterious form, massive buds which are nearly as interesting as the bloom itself !!!

Rainbow Hybridizing Gardens, Placerville, California.
Lloyd Austins World Famous Iris Color Guide Book, 1959.
WITCH DOCTOR (Plough, 1955) E-L 28" A new giant that will be an eye stopper in any garden for it is like an improved Conquest. Standards blue lavender with buffy tan midrib. Falls from centre down are grayed-blue-lavender with buffy tan haft and heart. Beard yellow, blue at tip. Starts early and blooms for a long season. HM 1956 JC 1957 (Cream Sdlg. X Capatola)

Marble Iris Gardens, Grandview, Washington. Iris Colorama Catalog, 1961.
WITCH DOCTOR (Plough, 1955) E-M 28 in. Unusual, large onco of grayed blue-lavender with a buffy tan haft at the heart. Has a tendency to bloom early and conitnue for several weeks. This is one of the largest Iris we grow. H.M 1956

The Aril Society International Illustrated Official Checklist 2006
WITCH DOCTOR OB- (Gordon Plough, R. 1953). Sdlg. 47-6-5. AB, EC, 28" (71 cm), EL. Lavender gray blend. TB sdlg. X Capitola. Iris Test Garden, 1955.Honorable Mention 1956, Judges Choice 1957, Clarence G. White Memorial Award,1960.

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Photo credit and copyright Iris Hunter.


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