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Siberian Iris SNOW QUEEN

Not sure how the Siberian Iris Society came up with the 18 inches (46cm) height of Snow Queen as it grows 6-8 inches taller than their checklist height and small flowers are reported by HIP in their photo galleries, which most other catalogue listings would indicate small is not a great bloom size description. The 1939 Checklist show a listing for 'Snow Queen' as a Illustration in 'The Garden'  28th July, 1917, page 298, so I have taken this opportunity to show the image as referred, it accompanied an article written by Robert Wallace of Robert W. Wallace & Co. nurserymen, specialist in Irises for many years. I will see if I can dig out the Wallace catalogue of 1902 and look up the listing and see what it says, (I will post this at a latter date).
'Snow Queen' a natural hybrid of  I. sanguinea and is an exceptionally nice example of a historic Siberian Iris. Clumps up quickly, and becomes a welcome addition to any classic or modern garden.

Courtesy 'The Garden', 28th July, 1917.

 The Garden, 28th July, 1917.
June in a Devon Garden, A Garden of Little-Known Shrubs and Hardy Plants, Robert W. Wallace.
COVERING about an acre, the interesting garden of Mr. Eden Phillpotts, the famous Devon novelist, contains within its walls an unusually fine collection of little-known trees, flowering shrubs and plants........................................................
On a slightly lower level a new pond has been prepared, into which, with great care and interest has been placed the greatest of all Water Lilies — the glorious ruby 'Escarboucle' — and as a companion 'Mrs. Richmond', with its magnificent flowers of soft pink. I do not think there are any two finer Water Lilies than these. Again, beyond these in the surmounting beds are masses of Iris orientalis and Snow Queen in a happy contrast, while Primulas and a host of other moisture-loving subjects are planted in close proximity, including the new golden yellow Marsh Primrose.

Robert Wayman, Bayside, New York. Irises 193
SNOW QUEEN Collected By Peter Barr 1900) this is a very handsome snowy white flower, with rich yellow markings at the throat. It is large enough to be mistaken for a Japanese Iris and is very free flowering. The flower is of a firm waxy texture. It is the best white and should be in every collection.
50c each ; 3 for $1.25 ; 6 for $2.00 ; 100 for $25.00.

The Society for Siberian Irises.
Cumulative Check List of Siberian Irises, 2006.
SNOW QUEEN Collected By Peter Barr Listed 1900 Collected in Japan SIB (dip.) (18" 46 cm) M & re White form of  I. sanguinea.   Peter Barr 1900 AM: RHS: 1902

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Photo credit and copyright Iris Hunter. 


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