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This is one of my all time best 'other coloured plicata' Irises. (Not blue). An absolute magic combination of  colours makes for a standout iris with great garden carrying power. Good clean foliage and quickly forms a clump. Branching and bud count par excellence.
In 1993 'Tennessee Gentleman' won the Walther Cup a prize for the most Honorable Mention votes (112) in all categories, then in 1995 it  also received the most Award of Merit votes (124).

Sterling and Barbara Innerst, Oakland Road, Dover, York County, Pennsylvania. 1990 Introductions.
TENNESSEE GENTLEMAN will be introduced in '91. In 1988, I was scheduled to visit the fall meeting in Tennessee, but ended up hospitalized for several weeks and had to cancel. In 1989, I was rescheduled when Hurricane Hugo stranded meat the airport with no flight available for 24 hours. By the time this ad appears, I should have appeared in Tennessee in Feb. '90. These two irises are named in honor of all my friends in Tennessee. . $25.00

Sterling and Barbara Innerst, Oakland Road, Dover, York County, Pennsylvania. 1991 Introductions.
TENNESSEE GENTLEMAN Sdlg. 3361-1. TB, 36", M-L. Medium yellow with ½" blue purple trim on f.; bronze blue beards. Very vigorous 7-9 buds with excellent stalks. Point Made X 2375-10: (Capricious x Colortart). Very fertile both ways........................................................................ $25.00

Bulletin of the American Iris Society, April 1993, Number 291.
Duncanville Garden, Riley Probst (Missouri)
TENNESSEE GENTLEMAN (lnnerst 91), a creamy yellow with purple plicata had 5 stalks, but from a distance it looked like many more because it was so well-branched.

Tempo Two, Pearcedale, Victoria, Australia. Iris, Daylilies, Hosta Catalogue  1994-1995
TENNESSEE GENTLEMAN    (Innerst '91, USA) ML. 36"
Reblooms, prolific amount of bloom even when it reblooms. Petals are lemon buff with vibrant soft purplish rose stitching and a  ⅜" edge to falls only. Light yellow orange beards. Wide and lightly ruffled and waved. Excellent branching. (Point Made X (Capricious x Colortart)) H.M. 93

Bulletin of the American Iris Society, April 1994, Number 293.
Dr. Loomis Iris Trial Gardens, Mike Moller (Colorado) 2 Year Classes.
The 2-year TB class had many fine irises. The Loomis Award was won by top scorer TENNESSEE GENTLEMAN (83) by Sterling Innerest. This is a very distinctive plicata with outstanding plant habits. It displayed 20 fans with 9 bloomstalks.

AIS Checklist 1989
TENNESSEE GENTLEMAN    (Sterling Innerst, R. 1989). Sdlg. 3361-1. TB 36" (91 cm) M-L.     Medium yellow with 1/2" blue purple trim on F.; bronze blue beard. Point Made X 2375-10: (Capricious x Colortart)., Innerst 1991. HM 1993, AM 1995.

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