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Standard Dwarf Bearded Iris, LIANNE

 A New Zealand Bred standard dwarf  iris from the '70's. Standards and falls are are a clean lime-wash apricot colouring with darker apricot brown veins around the beard which spill towards the falls . Great increase, and good health. If you can find it , buy it!! Lucy Delany contributed hugely to New Zealand's Iris breeding History registering 20 irises mainly dwarfs and median irises, and her amazing navy blue coloured siberian iris 'Moon Moth' is an absolute stand-out!.

The Iris Yearbook (BIS), 1974, Modern Trends in Dwarfs,page 93, Barbara B. Whitehouse.
The "ray" pattern is similar to the halo pattern but consists of longer veined like streaks of darker or contrasting colours spreading out over the falls around the beard and covering a larger area than does the halo, which is seldom no more than ¾ to ⅜ inch in length. Several very nice irises show this pattern..............................'Lianne' (Lucy Delany '73) light, gold-apricot with brown ray pattern.

The Iris Yearbook (BIS), 1983,Dwarf bearded Iris from New Zealand, page 97, C.E. C. Bartlett.
In the summer of 1981 I received ten rhizomes of some dwarf bearded irises from New Zealand
Lianne (Lucy Delany '72)  Sdlg X Orange Blaze. S.D.B. A most attractive little iris at the lower end of the S.D.B.range. Standards pale apricot gold, falls same with veined halo of brown around the white tipped orange beards. A good grower and increaser and the colour is rather unusual. Its quality is confirmed by it having received 4th place in the Vienna Trails in 1979.

New Zealand Iris Hybridisers Checklist 2014
LIANNE (Mrs L. Delany, R. 1972).   SDB, 11" (28 cm), EML.   S. light gold-apricot blend; F. same, heavily veined brown halo; white beard tipped orange.  Sdlg X Orange Blaze.   4th International Small Iris Comp. Vienna 1979.   Richmond Iris Gardens, 1972/3.

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