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Standard Dwarf Bearded Iris CHERRY GARDEN

Every spring the iris growers in New Zealand await the opening of the first iris flowers in their gardens. Sometimes, even when the last snow is still on the Mountain Range the little miniatures poke their little heads through and shout out with joy. From the minute that the first flowers appear you know that in just a few short weeks you will be in the middle of peak bloom. Hallelujah!!!

Bennett C Jones, Portland, Oregon. Introductions for 1967.

CHERRY GARDEN-Sdlg. #M134-1 (CAPTAIN GALLANT X pumila Y9C Randolph). Red from purple side, velvet smooth. HC 1966.........$5.00

Richmond Iris Garden, Hill Street, Richmond, Nelson. Bearded Irises 1971-1972
CHERRY GARDEN- Completely a red self, smooth and glowing. A wonderful Iris.

Bulletin of the American Iris Society, October 1971, Number 203.
Median Varietal Comment, Bee Warburton.
When our editor asked me to write some varietal comment, he sent me an example of the sort he wanted, which was in line with the popular motto, "Be Kind." This emphasizes the delicate balance involved in such published description since giving praise where it is not due is anything but kindness in the end. The ancient gambit is to name the good points of the iris, and then follow with the damning BUT. Or one may praise with abandon one quality which is truly good, and damn the mediocre with silence or the classic faint praise. This requires more tact than even the best judges can always muster............
CHERRY GARDEN. (Jones). Registered as pansy purple, but seems more on the red side; a superb glowing color with beard an exact match. Flowers tend to grow a bit large.

Bulletin of the American Iris Society, January 1972, Number 204.
Flightlines ; Varietal Comment, Leda Christlieb, Kansas.
CHERRY GARDEN, SDB, again lovely red velvet, with the terminal bloom too large; later ones in proportion.

Mission Bell Gardens, Melba and Jim Hamblen,  South Roy, Utah. Iris for 1973.
CHERRY GARDEN (B. Jones 1967) M, 15in..
Rich red from the purple side with velvet plush texture. Fine form and vigorous plant. Sensational!! (Capt. Gallant X Randolph pumila 9C) Cook-Douglas Medal 1972.

Riverdale Iris Gardens, Minneapolis,Minnesota. 1980 Price List.
Showy purple red. Cook-Douglas 1974.

4~ Square Iris Gardens, Eau Claire,Wisconsin, Cold Climate Iris, 1982.
CHERRY GARDEN (Jones 1967) Pansy purple self. (more to the red side)
(The reason I have include these short and to the point listings is that the catalogue states 'plants are grown in a very harsh climate. Temperatures from -40°F in winter and up to 100°F in the summer. Coupled with the harsh climate is a short growing season, all of which strongly indicates 'Cherry Garden' is a very hardy iris.)

AIS Checklist 1969
CHERRY GARDEN (Bennett Jones, Reg. 1966) Sdlg. M134-1. SDB, 15" (38 cm), M
Pansy purple (Wilson 928/3) self. Captain Gallant x pumila Y9C (Randolph). Jones 1967. HC 1966, HM 1968, JC 1968, 1969, AM 1970, Cook-Douglas 1972.

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