Tuesday, January 27, 2009


It give's me no end of pleasure to share with you all this fantastic 2009 Dunlop & Cole introduction "Another Pretty Face' with its dark blue black buds which when opened reveal an absolutely 'Top Class' Siberian, iridescent blue-violet coloured with red-violet highlights.

Fieldstone Gardens 2009 Catalog
ANOTHER PRETTY FACE Jeff Dunlop, R.2008). Sdlg. 99256-2T. SIB (tet), 28” (71cm), Mid thru Late season. A lovely new blue-violet with red-violet highlights. Standards are violet (RHS 87A). Style arms similar with red-violet infusions and slightly darker keels. Fall are blue-violet and a little deeper colored than the standards and styles (89B/C). Small yellow-white signals and yellow hafts. Pleasing and well ruffled flowers. Stalks have one branch and 4 to 5 blooms. Proving to be a parent with interesting kids too. A nice red seedling, 96102-3T: (Harpswell Chanteuse x McEwen T8 87/80-1) X Strawberry Fair. Dunlop & Cole, Fieldstone Gardens, 2009.

Cumulative Checklist of Siberian Irises
ANOTHER PRETTY FACE  Jeff Dunlop, Reg. 2008  Sdlg. 99256-2T. SIB (tet.), 28" (71 cm), ML ; S. blue violet infused red-violet (RHS 87A); style arms same, slightly darker at keel; F. blue violet (89B/C), slightly darker than S. and style arms, yellow hafts, small yellow-white signal; ruffled. 96102-3T: (Harpswell Chanteuse x McEwen T7 87/80-1) X Strawberry Fair. Fieldstone 2009.

Available this season Exclusively from Fieldstone Gardens

Big hat tip to Jeff Dunlop for sharing Information and photo
Photo Copyright Jeff Dunlop
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