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29th AUGUST, 1874.


My collection of this section of Iris has been pronounced  to be very complete. It numbers upwards of 200 varieties, from which I have selected those enumerated. The better to understand my descriptions, I furnish a wood- cut, by which it will be observed that one half of the petals are erect - these are called standards; the other half droop - these are called falls, while the small tongued parts of the flower are called petioloid stigmas, under which run the "beards." The flowers in this section are all large and handsome, and more or less beautifully mottled in the standards and reticulated in the falls, the beards ranging from delicate primrose to orange, and the petioloid stigmas frequently materially enhancing the general effect by colour and contrast. I mention this, as in my descriptions I have not attempted to take in all these points, but deal with the colours which strike the eye on first looking at the flower. There is no flower, however, that so improves by examination. At first sight its beauty is equal to that of an Orchid, but, on closer examination, I have no hesitation in saying it possesses points of interest surpassing those of the finest epiphyte. In colours there are the richest yellows, the intensest purples, the most delicate blues, the softest mauves, and the most beautiful claret-reds. There are whites and primroses, and bronzes of every imaginable shade ; indeed, language fails to picture the beauties of this flower ; and, consequently, my descriptions fall far short of the reality. And this will be readily understood when I state that there may be found in almost any one of the flowers from ten to thirty different shades, all harmonising and blending in the most perfect manner imaginable. Those who have not used this Iris for surrounding artificial lakes and ponds, or for growth in the flower borders, shrubberies, and woodland walks, should do so ; for, wherever a large quantity of cut flowers is required from May to July, these plants, when established, will yield them bountifully ; as, with good cultivation, they increase in size annually till they attain large proportions, each plant yielding from fifty to a hundred spikes of bloom.

I. germanica (Reich.). - Standards, blue; falls, purple.
     " violacea. - Standards, purple ; falls, dark purple.
     " alba (Florentiua). - Standards and falls, white.

The above are the first of the barbata section to flower, and, being distinct from each other in colour, and flowering at the same time, produce a fine effect early in May, and furnish a striking contrast. The following species and varieties come into flower as the above are going out of bloom ; and it may be worthy of notice that Aphylla embraces the species plicata and Swertii, and the section is remarkable for the flowers having a frill-like appearance - an effect arising from the multitude of coloured transverse lines running round the margin of the standards.

Forms of I. aphylla (Bot. Mag.).- Standards, creamy white, margined with dull lilac ; falls, white, margined with lilac.

 "  Beauty. - Standards, white, margined with lilac; falls, white, the upper part reddish-lilac.
 "  Bridesmaid. - Standards, very pale lavender; falls, white, margined with lavender.
 "  cœlestina. - Standards, lavender-blue, mottled with deeper lavender ; falls, white, margined with lavender-blue.
 "  Gazella. -Standards, red-lavender, mottled with white ; falls, white, edged with purple.
 "  Madame Chereau. - Standards, white, margined with blue ; falls, white, margined with blue.
 "  striata. - Standards, white, margined with lavender ; falls, white and lavender.

I. amoena (Sweet). - Standards, white, tinged with lavender; falls, white, slightly margined with lilac.

 "  Alice Barr. - Standards, white ; falls, white, tinged with lilac.
 "  Ariadne. - Standards, white, mottled with purple ; falls, crimson, reticulated with white.
 "  Alvarez. - Standards, white, mottled with purple; falls, crimson, reticulated with white.
 "  Calypso. - Standards, white ; falls, mottled with purple and white.
 "  Comte de St. Clair. - Standards, white ; falls, crimson- purple, reticulated with white.
 "  Clio. - Standards, white ; falls, crimson-purple.
 "  Donna Maria. - Standards, white; falls, white, tinged with lilac.
 "  Duchess de Nemours. - Standards, white ; falls, purple, mottled with white.
 "  Duchess d'Orleans. - Standards, white; falls, crimson-purple, mottled with white.
 "  Glorietta. - Standards, white, slightly tinged with lilac ; falls, white, heavily tinged with crimson.
 "  Incomparable. - Standards, pure white; falls, crimson- purple, reticulated with white.
 "  Juliette. - Standards, white, tinged with lavender ; falls, violet-blue, tinged with white.
 "  Morpheus. -Standards, white, tinged with lavender; falls, violet, heavily mottled with white.
 "  Poiteau. - Standards, white, tinged with lavender ; falls, very rich velvety-crimson.
 "  reticulata alba. - Standards, white ; falls, purple-crimson, reticulated with white.
 "  Sir Garnet Wolseley. - Standards, pure white, slightly margined or flaked with purple ; falls, velvety-crimson, very heavily reticulated with white.
 "  Unique. - Standards, white ; falls, violet-purple, reticulated with white.
 "  Unique Surpassed. - Standards, white, tinged with lavender ; falls, deep crimson, edged and reticulated with white.

I. neglecta (Bot. Mag.), - Standards, lavender ; falls, upper part red- lilac.

 "  Agathe. - Standards, white, margined and mottled with lavender ; falls, white, margined with lavender.
 "  Alice. - Standards, pale lavender ; falls, rich purple, mottled with white.
 "  Alonzo. - Standards, lavender ; falls, purple-crimson.
 "  amabilis. - Standards, lavender-purple ; falls, rich deep crimson.
 "  Aspasia. - Standards, white ; falls, purple-crimson, mottled with white.
 "  Aspasia Variety. - Standards, white ; falls, dark purplish crimson, mottled with white.
 "  Atropos. - Standards, lavender-blue; falls, rich velvety crimson, upper part mottled with white.
 "  atro-purpurea. - Standards, deep purple ; falls, very deep purple.
 "  Bocaze. - Standards, decided lavender; falls, purple, mottled with dark lines.
 "  Cameleon. - Standards, rich blue ; falls, light crimson.
 "  Clara. - Standards, lavender ; falls, rich purple-crimson, reticulated with white.
 "  Clarissima. - Standards, purple, shading to blue; falls, rich crimson, mottled with white.
 "  Cleopatra. - Standards, light lavender; falls, velvety purple- crimson, reticulated with white.
 "  De Bois de Milan. - Standards, light lavender; falls, rich crimson.
 "  Fairy Queen. - Standards, white, flaked with purple-blue ; falls, purple-blue, heavily reticulated with white.
 "  Fantasie. - Standards, lavender-blue ; falls, purple, mottled with dark lines.
 "  Florence Barr. - Standards and falls, delicate lavender.
 "  halophylla. - Standards, lavender-blue ; falls, red-lavender.
 "  Harlequin Milanais. - Standards, white, tinged with lavender; falls, rich crimson-purple.
 "  Indigo. - Standards, purple ; falls, deep velvety purple.
 "  Irma. - Standards, lavender; falls, crimson-purple, heavily mottled with white.
 "  Monsieur de Seble. - Standards, deep lavender-blue ; falls, lavender-purple.
 "  Nationale. - Standards, purple-blue; falls, rich velvety crimson.
 "  Penelope. - Standards, white, variegated with lavender; falls, white and lilac, reticulated.
 "  purpurea. - Standards, purple ; falls, dark purple.
 "  reticulata. - Standards, pale lavender ; falls, rich velvety crimson, reticulated with white.
 "  Rowlandiana. - Standards, lavender-blue ; falls, Light purple, upper part reticulated with white.
 "  ruberissima. - Standards, red-purple; falls, claret.
 "  Sultan. - Standards, lavender-blue; falls, very rich velvety crimson-black.
 "  Tatie Barr. - Standards, lavender-primrose ; falls, pale purple.
 "  Victorine. - Standards, white, mottled with blue ; falls, rich violet-blue, upper part mottled with white.
 "  Virginie. - Standards, lavender; falls, rich velvety crimson, lined with white.

I. pallida (Reich.). - Standards, dark lavender, passing to light lavender ; falls, purple, passing to light purple.

 "  Assaurez. - Standards, rich red-purple ; falls, claret.
 "  Astarte. - Standards, purple-lilac ; falls, rich crimson-purple.
 "  azurea. - Standards, azure-blue ; falls, violet-blue.
 "  Daimatica;. - Standards, lavender-blue ; falls, lavender, tinged with purple.
 "  Duke of York. - Standards, light claret ; falls, dark claret.
 "  Garibaldi. - Standards, rose-lilac ; falls, rose-purple.
 "  Maerisart. - Standards, mauve ; falls, purple-crimson.
 "  Madame Pacquitte. - Standards, rich claret-red ; falls a deeper shade of claret-red.
 "  Queen of May. - Standards and falls, rose-lilac.
 "  Raphael. - Standards and falls, deep lavender-blue.
 "  Rowlandiana purpurea. - Standards, deep lavender; falls, purple.
 "  rubella. - Standards, red-purple ; falls, deep red-purple.
 "  speciosa. - Standards, red purple ; falls, rich crimson-purple.
 "  variablis. - Standards, light purple; falls, deep purple, both fading off to slate-lavender
 "  Waluer. - Standards, deep Lavender-blue; falls, purple, mottled with white.

I. squalens (Reich.). - Standards, primrose-bronze; falls, crimson- purple, reticulated with white.

 "  Arnols. - Standards, bronze-purple ; falls, rich velvety crimson.
 "  Bossuet. - Standards, sulphur-bronze ; falls, crimson, heavily reticulated with white.
 "  Cerbere. - Standards, lavender-bronze ; falls, crimson-purple, reticulated with white.
 "  Dr. Bernice. - Standards, coppery-bronze ; falls, very rich velvety crimson.
 "  Folgerie. - Standards, yellow-bronze ; falls, crimson-brown, reticulated with white.
 "  Hericart de Thury. - Standards, bronze-primrose ; falls, red- brown, reticulated with white.
 "  Hugh Block. - Standards, primrose-bronze; falls, reticulated with light purple, white and brown.
 "  Icarus. - Standards, primrose-bronze; falls, purple-crimson,reticulated with white.
 "  Innocenza. - Standards, blue-lavender, tinged with primrose ; falls, decided lavender.
 "  Judith. - Standards, bronze-primrose ; falls, dark crimson-purple, reticulated with white.
 "  Julius Cæsar. - Standards, yellow-bronze ; falls, rich velvety crimson.
 "  Lady Jane. - Standards, brown-bronze ; falls, crimson-bronze.
 "  Lady Seymour. - Standards, lavender; falls, white and purple mottled.
 "  Lady Stanhope. - Standards, bronze -primrose ; falls, rich velvety crimson, narrowly margined with yellow and reticulated with white.
 "  La Prestiose. - Standards, glittering bronze ; falls, rich velvety crimson, reticulated with white.
 "  latifolia. - Standards, primrose-bronze ; falls, purple, mottled with white.
 "  lavendulacea. - Standards, lavender, tinged with primrose ; falls, decided lavender.
 "  La Vesuve. - Standards, blue, mottled with bronze ; falls, rich purple. crimson.
 "  Lord Grey. - Standards, coppery rose; falls, deeper coppery rose.
 "  Monsieur Cherion. - Standards, sulphur-bronze ; falls, crimson-velvet, mottled with white.
 "  Monsieur Fries. - Standards, primrose-bronze; falls, light purple.
 "  Mozart. - Standards, brown-bronze ; falls, purple-bronze and white mottled
 "  Mrs. Meston. - Standards, bronze-purple ; falls, rich purple.
 "  Pancratius. - Standards, primrose-bronze ; falls, pale purple.
 "  Phydias. - Standards, brown-bronze ; falls, rich deep crimson.
 "  Racine. - Standards, light bronze-purple ; falls, rich purple.
 "  Rebecca. - Standards, primrose-bronze ; falls, intense crimson.
 "  Rigolette. - Standards, bronze-yellow; falls, crimson, reticulated with white.
 "  Solomon. - Standards, brown-bronze ; falls, rich crimson, heavily reticulated.
 "  Van Geertii. - Standards, purple. bronze ; fall, rich crimson, reticulated with white.
 "  venusta.- Standards, bronze-primrose ; falls, rich crimson, reticulated with white.
  "  Valneriana. - Standards, bronze-purple ; falls, purple, upper part reticulated white and bronze.
 "  Walter Scott. - Standards, bronze-yellow ; falls, rich brown-crimson.

I. variegata(Bot. Mag.). - Standards, rich yellow ; falls, rich crimson-brown.

 "  Abon Hassan. - Standards, fine clear rich yellow ; falls, yellow, mottled with crimson -brown.
 "  Adonis. - Standards, chrome - yellow ; falls, crimson-brown reticulated with white.
 "  Alcibiades. - Standards, yellow ; falls, velvety crimson.
 "  angustissimus. - Standards, rich golden yellow ; falls, velvety crimson-brown.
 "  Bergiana. - Standards, rich yellow ; fails, very rich crimson- brown.
 "  Chelles. - Standards, rich yellow ; falls, crimson-brown, heavily reticulated with white and yellow.
 "  Czarewitch. - Standards, fine chrome-yellow; falls, crimson- purple.
 "  De Bergii. - Standards, sulphur-bronze ; falls, velvety crimson, mottled with white.
 "  Dr. Bersine. -Standards, chrome-yellow ; falls, white and crimson mottled.
 "  Honourable. - Standards, deep yellow; falls, crimson -brown, reticulated with yellow.
 "  Humboldtii. - Standards, yellow ; falls, velvety crimson-brown.
 "  Louis de Cerise. - Standards, light yellow ; falls, crimson-purple, reticulated with yellow and white.
 "  major. - Standards, rich deep yellow ; fulls, crimson-brown, reticulated with white.
 "  Malvina. - Standards, yellow, tinged with bronze ; falls, brown and white, mottled.
 "  Mexicana. - Standards, fine chrome-yellow ; falls, crimson, reticulated with white.
 "  Mimico. - Standards, rich yellow ; falls, rich crimson-brown.
 "  Minnie. - Standards, orange-yellow; falls, crimson-brown, reticulated with white.
 "  multicolor. - Standards, rich deep yellow; falls, crimson-brown, mottled with yellow.
 "  Orphee. - Standards, rich yellow ; falls, white and crimson reticulated.
 "  Prince of Orange. - Standards, orange; falls, crimson-brown, mottled with white.
 "  Samson. - Standards, yellow ; falls, crimson, mottled with white.
 "  Sans Souci. - Standards, orange-yellow; falls, crimson, reticulated with yellow and white.
 "  spectabilis. - Standards, yellow ; falls, rich velvety crimson.

I. aurea (Rob. Regel). - Standards and falls, rich yellow.
I. flavescens (Sweet). - Standards, primrose ; falls, light primrose.
     "  Munite. - Standards, primrose ; falls, primrose, reticulated with lavender.
I. florentina (Reich.). - Standards, white; falls, white.
I. lurida (Reich.). - Standards, bronze-purple; falls, rich purple-crimson, richly scented like elder.
I. subiflora (Bot. Mag.). - Standards and falls, very rich deep purple.
I. sambucina (Bot. Mag.). - Standards, lilac-bronze; falls, rich purple-crimson, richly-scented elder.
      " major. - Differing from the above in height.


History huh, can not be beat it when it comes to definitive descriptions of the Antiquities. 

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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Tall Bearded Iris PISTACHIO

Melrose Gardens, Stockton, California. The Connoisseurs Catalog, 1978.
PISTACHIO (Ghio '74) Like the meat of the nut, this flower is a greenish amber, but there is a light blue flash on the falls quite unlike the nut.

Bulletin of the American Iris Society, July 1974, Number 214.

California Comments, Keith Keppel, You'll Wonder where the Yellow Went.
.......when you read this, for notes were made on very few. For some reason, this just didn't seem to be a year for spectacular yellows!

PISTACHIO (Ghio '74)-36: 2. On the single stalk we bloomed from a one year plant, the branching was just a bit on the high side. However, the yummy colored flowers of tannish-green-yellow made up for it. Nicely ruffled and well formed, although as the flower ages, the falls do seem to keep growing in length.

AIS Checklist 1979
PISTACHIO   Joseph Ghio, Reg. 1973. Sdlg. 69-115K. TB 36" (91 cm) E-L   Medium green self with slight yellow infusion; light green beard. Glenwood sib X ((Denver Mint x Oasis) x (Willow Wisp x Swami sib))., Bay View Gardens 1974. HM1975.

This iris is Green right?? NO!......... it is nothing like green its maybe chartreuse yellow, citron yellow, chalcedony yellow, or light viridine yellow but green??................ Nah. Anyway what is it with people that want an a green iris, why would anyone want a bearded iris to look like bok choy that’s been creatively abused.     ...................... Enough said!

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