Saturday, November 23, 2013

Tall Bearded Iris CALIENTE

While we are on the subject of 'Bucket List Irises' I just had to take a photo of an Iris I have always considered one of 'The Best of The Best'. 'Caliente' is a Spanish word and when translated into English, it means hot as in attractive, and the photo shows how aptly this iris has been named. In the year 1969 'Caliente' was awarded a Honorable Mention, it was also in the same year entered  in the International Iris Contest in Florence as Seedling 64-9 and was placed third overall in the Premio Firenze, but more importantly in the same competition it won the title 'Best Red'. A vigorous all weather iris with great health, beautiful purple-based foliage which is coupled with generous increase. Claret wine red self with velvet texture and leathery substance. Nice contrast with bright bushy golden beards. Stems are tall, and in keeping with its vintage has candelabrum as opposed to candelabra branching on strong stems, stalks often opening 3 at once, with plenty of backup buds to ensure a great display of blooms for 'Caliente's' super long length of bloom season. 
For me, years ago when I first saw this iris it was an absolute must have, and today is still a high-quality soul soothing classic!!
More on bucket irises in my next post!!!

Region 14 Northern California, Nevada, Regional Bulletin, Fall 1967.
Views from a Crystal Ball, Joe Ghio.
Caliente (Luihn) A sombre deep crimson with a darkish cast. A fine advancement in the red class since it has fine formed flowers on tall, well branched stalks with many buds.

Mission Bell Gardens, Melba and Jim Hamblen,  South Roy, Utah.
Introductions for 1968.
CALIENTE (Walt Luihn). ML. 38". Brilliant wine-red of exceptional smoothness and clarity of color, highlighted by a heavy beard of antique gold. The standards are domed and the wide flaring falls have a jaunty lilt. Strong stalks with superb branching and prolific bud count. ((Tompkins 54-173 x BANG) x (ORIENTAL GLORY X HUNTSMAN)) X FORWARD MARCH. Sdlg. 64-9. HC '66 Net $25.00

Bulletin of the American Iris Society,April 1968, Number 189.
'My Want List', Larry M. Harder.

Walter Luihn has a new red iris that is scheduled as a future introduction called CALIENTE. This is the first yellow-bearded red iris that has impressed me. I also noted the outstanding branching of this variety.

Richmond Iris Garden, 376 Hill Street, Nelson. Bearded Irises 1971-72.
CALIENTE  - M.L. 36"
Brilliant wine red of exceptional smoothness highlighted by a wide heavy beard of antique gold.

Schreiners Salem,Oregon. Iris Lover's catalog 1971
CALIENTE   (W.Luihn, 1967) ML. 38"
Brilliant wine red of exceptional smoothness and luminous color highlighted by a wide heavy beard of antique gold. A wide-petaled beauty with domed standards and jaunty flaring falls.

Cooleys Gardens, Silverton, Oregon. Iris Catalog, 1982.
CALIENTE   (Luihn, '67) ML. 36"
Brilliant wine red, highlighted by a wide heavy beard of antique gold. Wide-petaled  ith domed standards and flaring falls. HC, '66 ; HM, '62 ; AM, '71 ;

Bay Blooms Nurseries, Cambridge Road, Tauranga Spring / Summer 1996 Catalogue.
Bearded Irises
CALIENTE. This smooth, deep brown-red is an absolute self except for the harmonising bronze beards that are hardly noticeable. Round full form.
(The beard colour description for Bay Blooms beggars belief they were either describing another Iris or were colour blind, their is no way Caliente's beard  is hardly noticeable.)

AIS Checklist 1969
CALIENTE    Walter Luihn, Reg. 1967. Sdlg. 64-9. TB 38" ML. R1.    Wine red self; bright gold beard. ((Tompkins 54-173 x Bang) x (Oriental Glory x Huntsman)) X Forward March., Mission Bell 1968. HC 1966, HM 1969.AM 71.

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Friday, November 22, 2013

Tall bearded Iris COUNTRY MANOR

A 40 year old Classic Iris that superlatives still do it little justice. Giant sized blooms with just the right amount of ruffling are carried on sturdy tall stalks with three branches and spur and nine to twelve buds.Standards are an warm white with light lemon at midribs. Nicely ruffled falls with light yellow hafts and yellow beard colours diffuses throughout the falls to give a buttery cream effect. A very good grower that shows great increase. Fertile.  Breathtaking! Another of my Bucket Irises!

Mrs Richard P. Kegerise, Temple, Philadelphia. Introducing for 1973.

COUNTRY MANOR Sdlg. 20-70 T.B. M-L 38-40 in. Cup Race X 1-66 (Swan Ballet x Rippling Waters)
A large ruffled creamy white. Light yellow hafts and yellow beard create a glowing center. Nicely held standards and rounded falls. An exceptionally strong well-branched stalk having three branches and terminal-at times an additional spur. It consistently blooms with three open flowers at one time. Bud count nine. A good increaser and fertile both ways. Indeed a show stalk. HC '72 $25.00

Bulletin of the American Iris Society, July 1973, Number 210.
The Philadelphia Story, Hal Stahly.
After lunch at the Good and Plenty (it was both!) in Lancaster, we headed toward Reading, the location of the Kegerise gardens. There are two of these gardens, tended by two sisters who married brothers, both of whom are iris hybridizers. It all sounds very complicated in writing, when it is really rather simple; since the sisters are the hybridizers, we'll just refer to the gardens as that of Eleanor K. and that of Evelyn K. While Eleanor is working the irises, husband Richard must be manicuring the lawn-not a weed in the broad expanse of grass. Here too we heard birds chirping in their fine pin oak. Eleanor Kegerise's own COUNTRY MANOR was putting on a tremendous show here at its birthplace. This big warm white with yellow shoulders and beard has fine fluted ruffles, good substance, beautiful form, and a really magnificent stalk with four and five branches plus terminal. It later won the President's Cup.

Bulletin of the American Iris Society, October 1990, Number 279.
An Iris Season in Review. Ted White (Maine)
20. COUNTRY MANOR (El. Kegerise '73) is an iris that grows like a tree ! It's stems usually measure 40" or more and carry a very generous 10-12 buds. The color is a creamy white with light golden yellow at the hafts and yellow beards. Country Manor often has 3-5 flowers open at once and usually does well on the show-bench. AM '76

AIS Checklist 1979
COUNTRY MANOR   Eleanor Kegerise, Reg. 1972. Sdlg. 20-70. TB 39" (99 cm) M.     S. white; F. white with light yellow hafts; yellow beard; ruffled. Cup Race X 1-66: (Swan Ballet x Rippling Waters)., Eleanor Kegerise 1973. President's Cup 1973,HM 1974, AM 1976.

I note the pod parent is that great white Tall Bearded Iris 'Cup Race', runnerup for the 1972 Dykes Medal. A little known fact is that 'Cup Race' led at several times during the voting for the Dykes Medal in 1972, and three days before the end of the talley, was in the lead.................. just a little digression . 
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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

New Zealand Tall Bearded Iris MISSION SONG

Only one of the parents are known which is no big deal when the known pod parent is Schreiner's amazingly golden yellow 'Golden Ecstasy '89" which itself has parents of two of the best yellows Schreiner's ever produced 'Tut's Gold' and 'Yukon Fever' so with only a solo parent known 'Mission Song' was always likely to have a good start in life. The colour combination is nothing really new or innovated, yellow standards, white falls with a full yellow band, a similar colour combination can be found in 'Joyce Terry' (Muhlestein) or that great Dykes classic, 'Debby Rairdon' (Kuntz) but 'Misson Song' has larger blooms that are a brighter glittering yellow, White falls with yellow reverse have a nice gold bushy beard. This is a very impressive Iris, but it has to be said its no bobby dazzler when it comes to increase its a wee bit on the slow side with growth but plant health is great. I have only just started to grow irises from Eric Braybrook a relatively unknown hybridiser from Gisborne who registered his first irises in 1999, but his introductions have not been commercially available until recently, and you guessed it, no publicity about this hybridiser or his irises by that New Zealand Iris club thing, but promoting New Zealand bred Irises is probably far too radical for that conservative organisation!  

New Zealand Iris Hybridisers Checklist 2013
MISSION SONG (Eric Braybrook, R. 2010) Sdlg. 94/15/A. TB, 32" (82 cm), M  S. yellow; F. white, edges yellow; beards yellow; slight fragrance. Golden Ecstasy X unknown.

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Photo credit and copyright Iris Hunter. 

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Sunday, November 3, 2013


 This has been an outstanding Iris for me ever since it first bloomed at home. Ruffled sunshine yellow standards that are open, and a peak on the inside revels a colour change to a diffused white. Flared and nicely ruffled falls are mahogany copper red with a bright yellow starburst pattern extending down the falls,with antique gold colouring the underside of the falls and is also the edging colour top side.  Wonderful proper proportions,and beautiful healthy deep green foliage. Taller than the registered height. Slight fragrance. A very masculine look that just calls to visitors across the garden.

New Zealand Iris Hybridisers Checklist 2013
IRWELL WALTZ TIME  (Ron Busch, R. 2010). Sdlg. 1882/4012. TB, 32" (81 cm), M. S. and style arms gold; F. copper red with gold influence, wide gold patch below gold beard, ½" yellow border. Parentage unknown.

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Tall Bearded Iris PAUL BLACK

A intoxicating, bold, nicely ruffled violet blue self – with absolute knockout orange vermilion beards. Nice fragrance. Consistent in colour, has show branching form and great bud count. High health plants with a generous increase. From a classy cross  'Tom Johnson' (Black 1996) X 'Star Fleet' (Keppel 1993). Ticks all the boxes this one, and comes with a most impressive award list, The Franklin Cook Cup 2004, Honorable Mention 2005, Walther Cup for most Honorable Mention votes in 2005, 1st Place International Iris Trials in Florence Italy 2005, Award of Merit 2007, Wister Medal 2009, Dykes Medal 2010. Very glad to have this iris growing at home.

Tempo Two, Pearcedale, Victoria, Australia. Iris, Daylilies, Hosta Catalogue 2005-2006.
PAUL BLACK (Johnson 03 USA.) ML 42" Rich regal purple self with metallic sheen. Beards are a screaming dark orange. Excellent show stems with ten to twelve buds.(Tom Johnson X Star Fleet) HM 05 Walther Cup 05 for most HM votes.

BOURDILLON IRIS Champagne 41230 Soings en Sologne. Iris- Hémérocalles - Pivoines. Collection 2013.
PAUL BLACK  €10,00  MT.1m. DM 2010.
Entièrement bleu nuit avec une barbe orange. Sépales larges aux longues ondulations. Plait beaucoup !

Cayeux, La Carcaudière - Route de Coullons, France. Iris Lovers Catalogue, 2013.
ML - 105 cm 2011 £ 10.80
Excellent in every way! Ruffled, richly coloured, plain, dark to mid purple-blue flowers, contrasting strongly against the orange beards. Superb stems bearing 11 to 12 buds. This beauty is combined with vigorous growing habits and a spicy scent. Winner of numerous prizes when it first came out and awarded the Dykes Medal in 2010.

Schreiner's, Salem,Oregon, 2013 Collectors Edition, Iris Lovers Catalog.

PAUL BLACK (Johnson 03) ML 42"
This stunning dark purple self demonstrates all around excellence. Paul Black's tall show-bench stems bear 11-12 triple-socketed buds. Its large flowers have excellent ruffled form and are smoothly saturated in dark purple color. The dark orange beards create a fascinating color combination. A pronounced spicy fragrance enhances its appeal.Franklin Cup '04, HM '05, Walther Cup '05, 1st Place International Iris Trials in Florence Italy '05, AM '07, Wister Medal '09, Dykes Medal '10.

Mid-America Garden, Salem, Oregon. 2013 Catalog
PAUL BLACK (T.Johnson 03) Mid violet blue. Orange beards. Lovely perfume. Winner of Dykes Medal 2010.

AIS Checklist 2009
PAUL BLACK (Thomas Johnson, R. 2002). Seedling R103A. TB, height 42" (107 cm), Mid Late bloom season. Medium dark purple blue; beards dark orange; pronounced spicy fragrance. 'Tom Johnson' X 'Star Fleet'. Mid-America 2003; Franklin Cook Cup 2004; Honorable Mention 2005; Award of Merit 2007; Wister Medal 2009; American Dykes Medal 2010.

A bloody terrible iris to photograph with any camera but digital cameras seem to be worse. The light-meter thinks its focusing on the dead of night so automatically engages the flash. Believe it or not the only way I could get this photo to work was a early dawn shot and set the camera to anti-blur.
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Photo credit and copyright Iris Hunter

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Friday, November 1, 2013

Tall Bearded Iris CIRCUS STRIPES

Some in the past have criticised 'Circus Stripes' because it lacks consistency with its plicata striations..................Now ain't that amazing huh!!!!
'Circus Stripes' is a classic campanula violet or grape juice [Ref 1]
coloured plicata on a 'pure as the' white base .
Domed standards have striations radiating from the bottom of the midrift towards a heavily coloured solid edge. Wide and flaring falls with vagarious striations that end in a semi solid but also feathered margin. Great branching, blooms often opening 2 or 3 at once on strong stalks. Swollen buds are an additional visual feature. After 38 years 'Circus Stripes' is still daring and irresistibly original.

Schreiner's, Salem, Oregon, 57th Annual, Iris Lovers Catalog, 1982.
CIRCUS STRIPES   (Plough, 1976) EM. 36"
How well named! This Iris is theatrical in the boldness of its etched markings. Its campanula violet veining in the center turns into heavier plicata edges on the petal tips as if a paint pot was spilled over white ground. Dramatic and stagey in appearance. You and your friends will surely stop and look at this exciting novelty. A well branched and most satisfactory grower.HM 78

AIS Checklist 1979
CIRCUS STRIPES  G. Plough, Reg. 1975. Sdlg. 69-17-3. TB 30" (76 cm) M.     S. white, edges veined campanula violet, heavier at tip; F. white, overall veining of campanula violet; white to yellow beard. Winner's Circle X 66-73-19, sib., Eden Road 1976. Honorable Mention 1978

Colours can vary from garden to garden or different soil types
As usual, clicking the above image will take you to the larger, higher resolution version.
Photo credit and copyright Iris Hunter.

[Ref 1]
[Ref 1]
[Ref 1]
[Ref 1] Maerz and Paul, Dictionary of Color, 1st ed. color 219

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