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Standard Dwarf Bearded Iris MAGIC RAY

'Magic Ray' a Standard Dwarf Bearded Iris bred by the late Hilmary Catton of Hawkes Bay. An early stand out bloomer with a delightfully tailored form,creamy white standards and falls, hafts softly reticulated chartreuse gold, bright orange beards, its like a very early flowering mini version of Jean Stevens 'Magnolia'. A vigorous grower clumping up well with bright green clean foliage and great plant health. Received the Lucy Delany Memorial Award at the reported to be very wet Taranaki Iris Safari, 1994, which is a testament to 'Magic Ray's' substance and it never lets the weather conditions get the better of it.

2011 New Zealand Hybridisers Cumulative Checklist
MAGIC RAY Mrs H. Catton, Reg., 1987. Sdlg. C79-20-2;. SDB, 12″, (30 cm), M. S. deep cream; lemon styles; F. cream, edged lemon deep chartreuse rays from orange beard. Spring Bells X White Lightning. Wyuna Iris Garden, 1987. Lucy Delany Award. 1994 (NZ).

I've never been on a Iris Safari, I wonder if is like the 'Road to Zanzibar'?? you know driving around Taranaki in open top Landrovers looking at irises through binoculars. Probably not when you come to think of it as that would require a sense of fun and adventure.

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Photo credit and copyright Iris Hunter

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My procurements for 2012

This is the list of my procurements for 2012, all one hundred and fourteen of them, and I have separated them into two lists one list for New Zealand Irises and one for Internationally Bred Irises did you notice I used the word  International and not 'Foreign'.
Some selections are second glances but most will be grown at home for the first time.

 Its a reasonable list of New Zealand bred Irises and those of you that know me will see a few that some mischief  could be had with, but of most concern is the huge difficulty in finding New Zealand bred irises.
Its been a good buzz meeting people in New Zealand that grow Irises and it was a real privilege to visit Wanganui and get to meet two lovely ladies of the New Zealand iris scene, there was Kerry O'Neil of the Iris Company fame who has recently downsize her commercial Iris growing, and then there was Shirley Spicer, who has a wealth of iris knowledge and is a New Zealand Dykes Medal recipient in the Tall Bearded Iris class,with her iris 'SALUTE D'AMOUR'. Have you ever seen a great photo of this iris in any garden publication?? I have yet to see one, and if the registered description is anything to go by her 'Bright Fine Gold' could be a visual treat so there's  another Iris to look forward to . Generally speaking finding New Zealand Irises is like pulling teeth. Disagree?? Ok then let me give you just one example ; In the September 2000 NZIS Bulletin 152 "Anniversary Issue" there is an Iris featured on the front cover labelled "Anniversary Iris 'HIKURANGI' TB Rita Harvey 1999" does anyone know its whereabouts???? Surely the NZIS 'anniversary iris' would be promoted and featured somewhere within the gardening fraternity. No? It is certainly not listed with any commercial enterprise.To post one Variety of Iris per week for the blog requires 52 Irises per year so the list is enough to keep the blog going for 2 years.

And then there is the thirty or forty NOID's, some that I have purchased or mainly come from other  irisarians who have generously sent them to me to ID which will no doubt give me the most problems but also a huge amount of satisfaction. Great to see I still have a low profile that several Iris sellers sent me "Notes on planting irises" or do they know something I do not?, but that aside its good to see a lot of sellers including growing information and if it is sent digitally it costs only cents to do so.

List includes 6 Dykes Medal winners, 39 New Zealand Irises of which 4 are Arilbred, 2 are historic irises and 75 International Irises of which 31 are historic, and includes 'Winter Olympics' which was the winner of the Clara Rees Cup in 1966 the year after 'Henry Shaw' another incredible white recently featured on this blog.


ATAVUS Alison Nicoll, Reg., 2006. Sdlg. A00T2-2. TB, 28″, (72 cm), ML ; S. cream flushed lilac in centre; style arms cream and lilac; F. strongly washed violet, tan hafts and border; beards red; flared; slight spicy fragrance. Prince George X Outrageous Fortune. Richmond 2007/08. Begg Shield 2009 (NZ).

BRANDON ROSE Helen Falconer, Reg., 2000. Sdlg 1/95. TB, 43″, (110cm), L ; S. orange, pink and rose blend; style arms orange, fringed; F. deep rose red, peach border; beards tangerine; lightly ruffled, flared; sweet fragrance. Parentage unknown Waimate Iris Garden, 2000/01

BRIGHT FINE GOLD Shirley Spicer, Reg., 2001. Sdlg. SS/20. TB, 33″, (85cm), M ; S. dull gold, edge deeper, reverse violet with deeper dull gold edge; style arms bright gold, centre violet; F. violet, edge gold, bright gold markings on haft, reverse violet; petal edges with sparkling gold flecks; beards bright gold, white base; lightly ruffled, laced; slight fragrance. Taj Rani x Gypsy Belle.

CABBAGES AND KINGS Alison Nicoll, Reg., 2005 Sdlg A01T5: 3. TB, 32″, (82 cm), M ; S. purple blush in centre merging to lemon at edges; style arms lemon; F. lemon edges merging to cream centre, more intense lemon at hafts; beards lemon tipped white, gold in throat; frilled and crimped; pronounced sweet fragrance. (Knock ‘em Dead x Keppel seedling LLFBKK: 2: (Lotus Land x Fogbound)). Richmond Iris Gardens 2006/07.

DUNAVERTY Mrs R. Harvey, Reg., 1990. Sdlg. 80/R/59. TB, 38″, (96 cm), M ; S. oxblood red; F. deeper, distinct brown haft infusion; beards self, tipped blue; slight fragrance. Superstition X Dutch Chocolate. Wyuna Iris Gardens 1991.

EARLY BEAUT D.B. Nicoll, Reg., 2004. Sdlg. D98T12-l. TB, 33″, (85 cm), VE ; S. light violet blue with a light infusion of green-gold from the centre midrib; style arms light creamy mustard with a touch of violet on the lip; F. veined violet centres merging and fading to light creamy mustard edges, under surface of central midrib green; beards bright orange; slight sweet fragrance. Thornbird X Chinese Empress. Richmond Iris Gardens 2004/05.

EARLY EMBERS D.B. Nicoll, Reg., 2004. Sdlg. D00T6-l. TB,36″, (91 cm,), E ; S. medium peach-apricot lightly infused with rose; style arms medium apricot; F. medium light, apricot-tan with a rose blush merging from the centre to light tan-apricot edges; beards red. Cherry Glen X Yes. Richmond Iris Gardens 2005/06.

ERIC'S DREAM Eric Braybrook, R. 2004 Sdlg. 94/14/A. TB, 31" (80 cm), M ; S. tan; F. tan and orange; beards orange; moderate fragrance. Fort Apache X Spanish Leather. HM 2003 NZIS.

GENTLE SONG Alison Nicoll, Reg.,2006. Sdlg. AO2D1/3. AB (OGB-), 13″, (33cm), M ; S. Light purple veined violet; style arms blue edged purple. F. violet centre merging to mushroom at edge; beards ginger tipped brown. Chubby Cheeks X Tabriz. Richmond Iris Gardens,2009-2010

GONDWANA D.B. Nicoll , Reg., 2005. Sdlg. D99 T34-1. TB, 39″, (100 cm), EM ; S. and F. medium cream yellow; style arms cream yellow; beards orange yellow; slight sweet fragrance. Sweet Musette x Joan McClemens. Richmond Iris Garden 2006/07.

HAIDEE Mrs. H. Catton, Reg., 1979. Sdlg. C731-10. AB-MED (¼), 14″, (36cm). S. lavender; F. lavender, washed rose, light brown hafts; deep violet beard. Myra X Saracen Warrior. Wyuna Iris Gardens 1979/80.

IN BETWEEN Shirley Spicer, R. 2009. Sdlg. SS/17/90. IB, 38-42" (97-107 cm), E ; S. pale blue; F. pale blue flushed deeper blue, greenish striations on hafts; beards pale violet hairs tipped yellow; slight sweet fragrance. Little Bridget X Glacier Magic

IRWELL BARON Ron Busch Reg., 2007. Sdlg. X10. TB 36″, (91cm) EM ; S. Light red-purple; style arms orange yellow; F. Velvety red-black, white veining from beards to half way down petal, orange shoulders; beards red. Parentage unknown. Rossmore Iris Gardens 2008.

IRWELL COURAGE Ron Busch Reg., 2007. Sdlg. 01587-2149. TB 40″, (102cm). M ; S. lemon, red purple midrib and blush at base: style arms yellow, purple centre; F. Red-purple, ¼″ paler edge, yellow shoulders; beards bronze. Parentage unknown. Amazing Iris Garden 2011

IRWELL DESERT SANDS Ron Busch Reg., 2007. Sdlg. 316-9559 TB. 38″, (97 cm), M ; S. and style arms lemon; F. lemon ground, light cinnamon plicata markings over all, cinnamon shoulders; beards cinnamon orange. Parentage Unknown. Rossmore Iris Gardens 2008

IRWELL ELEGANCE. Ron Busch Reg., 2007. Sdlg. E925. TB 36″, (91 cm). M ; S. wine red; style arms orange and wine red; F. velvety wine-red, ⅛″ plain wine red border, white veining in throat; beards red orange. Parentage unknown.

IRWELL GAMBLER Ron Busch Reg., 2007. Sdgl.8888/1 TB, 38″, (97cm), M ; S. and style arms lemon; F. plum red,¼″ paler edge; 1″ area of white veining around lemon beard. Snow Spoon X Extravagant. Waimate Iris Garden 2007.

IRWELL GOLD STRIKE Ron Busch Reg., 2007.Sdlg. X200. TB, 40″, (102cm) M ; S. White flushed gold, deeper at midrib; style arms gold, white crest; F. Gold, brown veining on shoulders; beards yellow. Parentage; Infinite Grace X involved parentage which includes Bang, Commentary, Coronation Gold, Latin Lover, Emma Cook, Pipes of Pan, Rich Melody, Imperial Crown, Melodrama, Gaylord, Pinnacle. Waimate Iris Garden 2007. Begg Shield 2005.(NZ)

IRWELL GRACE Ron Busch, Reg., 2010. Sdlg.1-952. SDB, 12" (30 cm), M ; S. bright pink; style arms pink; F. pink washed cream; beards tangerine. Parentage unknown.

IRWELL THANKSGIVING Ron Busch, Reg., 2008. Sdlg. 1733-3167.4 TB, 34″, (86 cm), M ; S. Lemon; style arms lemon purple midrib; F. Rose purple ⅜″ lemon border; white veins on shoulders, purple blush below lemon beard. Involved Irwell seedling lines.

IRWELL TRIBUTE Ron Busch, Reg., 2007. Sdlg. 91-114-2. TB, 40″, (102 cm), M ; S. and style arms yellow gold; F. white ground flushed gold, rose brown plicata markings; beards yellow. Parentage unknown. (NZ). Waimate Iris Garden 2007. CM.2005 (NZ).

KOTARE Frances Love, Reg 1991 MTB, 18" (46 cm), E ; Wine self. Gingerbread Man X Picayune.

LACE AND VIOLETS Alison Nicoll, Reg., 2005. Sdlg A01T9:1. TB, 31″, (80 cm), M ; S. lavender wash over frosty pale blue; style arms lavender; F. violet wash over blue with white glow around beard, hafts veined violet; beards white, yellow in throat, cream in middle; laced and ruffled; pronounced sweet fragrance. Fancy Woman x A99T10:6: (About Town x Honky Tonk Blues). Richmond Iris Gardens 2006/07.

LAKE CHRISTABEL D. B. Nicoll, Reg., 2005. Sdlg. D99 T9-2. TB, 35″, (90 cm), E ; S. and style arms white, slight blue tinge; F. medium purple-blue, lighter edges; beards red orange, white at end; slight musky fragrance. Soprano x Chinese Empress. Richmond Iris Garden 2006/07.

LEAH ISABEL Mrs S. Spicer, Reg., 1996. Sdlg. SS 10/4/85. TB, 37″, (94cm), M ; S. lemon, ruffled cream edge; F. pale cream, soft lemon, frilled edge and reverse, dark lemon hafts, blue flush below yellow beard; slight sweet fragrance. Summer Sun X May Melody. Waimate Iris Garden 1997/98.

MAGIC MUSHROOM Alison Nicoll, Reg.,2006. Sdlg. AO2D5-4. AB (OGB-), 17″, (43cm), M ; S. beige, purple flecking; style arms old gold, bluish centre line; F. old gold over washed purple, maroon-red veining around gold beard. Adoring Glances X Tabriz. Richmond Iris Gardens 2008/09.

MARION BALL Mrs R. Harvey, Reg., 1989. Sdlg. LM/PK/83. SDB 9-10″, (23-25 cm), M ; S. clear primrose yellow; F. same with deeper zone under light blue beard. Lime Rhapsody X Knotty Pine. Wyuna Iris Gardens 1990.

MAUNGATI Judith Neilson Reg., 1998. Sdlg JN/1. SDB, 8½″, (21cm), M ; S. pale blue, green infusion; F. tannish brown infused yellow, fine ¼″ pale blue rim; beards blue; pronounced sweet fragrance. Parentage unknown. Otepopo Garden Nursery, 1999/2000. Lucy Delany (NZ) 1997.

MOUNT MELITA Alison Nicoll, Reg., 2006. Sdlg. AO2D1-7. AB (OGB-), 15″, (39cm), M-L ; Dark blue self, style arms tipped purple, F. washed purple; beards lemon. Chubby Cheeks X Tabriz. Richmond Iris Gardens 2008/09

PIKI Mrs F. Love, Reg., 1993. Sdlg. 25/10/3. IB, 19″, (48 cm), M. ; S. white; F ; white with touch of yellow deep in hafts; beards white, yellow in throat. Parentage unknown. Te Ohanga Iris Gardens, 1998.

PRECISION Alison Nicoll, Reg., 2004. Sdlg. LLFBKK99-3. TB, 28″, (72 cm), M ; Violet self, F. lighter around beard; beards tangerine, violet blue at end; ruffled; slight fragrance. Fogbound X Lotus Land; seed from Keith Keppel. Richmond Iris Gardens 2005/06

SALUTE D'AMOUR Shirley Spicer, Reg., 2001. Sdlg. SS/29. TB, 33″, (84cm), L ; S. light pink blush; style arms soft coral pink; F. warm pink blush, soft white haft marking; beards coral; sweet fragrance. Elysian Fields x Flirtation Waltz. Dykes Medal 2003 NZ.

SMOKEY BABE Mrs L. Black, Reg., 1996. Sdlg. 89-54-H. SDB, 10″, (26cm), ML ; Smokey lavender plicata markings on cream white ground; beards blue lavender; ruffled; pronounced sweet fragrance. Muchacha X Court Magician. Netherby Gardens, 1996/97.

SOUNDZ OF COUNTIES Peter Berry, Reg., 2010. Sdlg. SA 98-6. BB 26" (65 cm), E ; S. and style arms maroon; F. same, white lines at haft; beards white base, hairs tipped ginger in throat and middle, white base tipped maroon at end; slight fragrance. Cascade Pass X Cherry Garden. Limavady Irises 2011

SPHAGNUM D.B. Nicoll, Reg., 2005. Sdlg. D99 T9-8. TB, 33″, (85cm), E ; S. white shaded lemon; style arms same, veined, light olive edges; F. medium strong olive; beards oranges; slight sweet fragrance. Soprano x Chinese Empress. Richmond Iris Garden 2006/07.

TOWER STREET Ron Busch, Reg., 1991. Sdlg. 7763/4. TB, 38″, (97 cm), M-L ; S. light plum red; F. velvety plum red, edged lighter plum; beards orange wine. Latin Lover X Rich Melody. Irwell Iris Gardens, 1992.

WILD WESTY Noel Lapham, Reg., 2004. Sdlg. Orange Tiger B/P-2. SDB, 13″, (32 cm), M. S. pale pink with purple tinge; F. peach and violet overlaid with tan veining; beards white tipped vibrant orange. Parentage unknown. Mossburn Iris Gardens 2006/07.


AMETHYST FLAME Robert Schreiner, Reg. 1957 Sdlg. M-289-A. TB, 38 (97 cm), ML ; Amethyst-orchid self. Crispette X (Lavanesque x Pathfinder). Schreiner 1958. HM 1958, AM 1960, Dykes 1963.

ARMAGEDDON Chet Tompkins, Reg. 1992 Sdlg. 87-35. TB, 36" (91 cm), ML S. vivid blend of clover and amaranth pink; F. deep red maroon, 1/4" picoteed amaranth pink edge; beards shrimp red; ruffled. Reverse sib to Heavenly Body X ((Dusky Dancer x Camelot Rose) x ((Kin-na-Zin x Camelot Rose) x (Crystal Ribbon sib x Cimbay))). Fleur de Lis 1992.

AURA LIGHT Barry Blyth, Reg. 1993 Sdlg. A106-4. TB, 34" (86 cm), EM S. pure white; F. brilliant gold; beards mustard; ruffled. Imprimis sib X Chocolate Vanilla. Keppel, Tempo Two 1996, 1996/97. HM 1998, AM 2000.

AZURE ANGEL Graeme Grosvenor, R. 1993 Sdlg. R6-2. TB, 36" (91 cm), EM ; S. light blue, violet midrib; F. dark blue, light blue rim; beards white; ruffled. Silverado X Snowbrook. Rainbow Ridge 1993/94.

BANBURY RUFFLES D. Reath, Reg. 1970 Sdlg. A-6-64. SDB, 15" (38 cm), VE Rich blue self with darker blue spot on F.; ruffled. A-6-60 X Nylon Ruffles. Schreiner's 1970. HM 1971.

BEAUMONDE L. Hodges, Reg. 1985 Sdlg. TG 83-43. TB, 36" (91 cm), M S. greyed blue violet; F. white ground heavily lined greyed blue violet; bright orange beard. Smoke Rings X (Cabaret Royale x Porta Villa). Tempo Two 1986/87.

BIG LEAGUE Schreiners, Reg. 1969 Sdlg. A-176-C. TB, 36" (91 cm), M Violet-blue self (RHS 3) with clean unveined hafts; beard light white with hint of blue. (W 118-A: (R 510-A: (M 1006-A: (J 240-B: (Pierre Menard x G 151-A: (Blue Rhythm x Chivalry)) x Harbor Blue) x K 594-A: (Pierre Menard x I 234-1: (Danube Wave x F 679, unknown)))) x R 615-A: (Bluebird Blue x M 1011-2: (Biscay Bay x Harbor Blue))) X V 137-A; (R 614-4: (Bluebird Blue x ?K 587-B: (H 75-A: (Cahokia x Jane Phillips) x I 237-3: (Quicksilver x Jane Phillips))) x R 1122-10: (Swan Ballet x M 971-1; (Harbor Blue x G 10-C; (44-41: (Missouri x Snowking) x 7-46: (Winter Carnival x Snow Carnival))))). Schreiners 1969. HM 1970.

BIG SQUEEZE Paul Black, Reg. 1999 Sdlg. A59F. TB, 33" (84 cm), L S. peach pink, crystalline gold rim; style arms medium orange; F. medium orange, inconspicuous white haft veining; beards bright orange; heavily ruffled, lightly laced; pronounced sweet fragrance. Victorian Frills X Good Show. Mid-America 1999. HM 2001.

BLACK DIAMOND B. Schreiner, Reg. 1950, TB, 34" (86 cm), M. ; Dark-violet self. Sib. Black Forest x Down East. Schreiner 1951. HM 1952.

BLUE POOLS Bennett Jones, Reg. 1972 Sdlg. M202. SDB, 12" (30 cm), M ; S. white; F. white with large medium blue spot; white beard. M73: (Nylon Ruffles x Truce) X M139: ((Great Lakes x I. mellita) x Lilli Amoena). B Jones 1973. HM 1974, AM 1976.

BLACK PRINCE Amos Perry listed 1900 IB-M-La- B3D One of the most handsome we have ever seen in this class the falls been a rich purple almost black, with light purple standards. Fragrant. A.M. RHS 1900.

BLUE PERSUASION J. T. Aitken, Reg. 2005 Sdlg. 96T46. TB, 36" (91 cm), M S. light brass flushed blue on midribs; F. light blue, ¼˝ band of light brass on rim; beards yellow tipped orange. Unknown parentage. Aitken 2005. HM 2008.

BLUEBERRY BLISS Schreiner, Reg. 2004 Sdlg. JJ 590-1. TB, 40" (107 cm), EM Medium blue self (RHS 89A); beards blue, yellow in throat. GG 77-A: (DD 128-1: (Olympiad x Honky Tonk Blues) x Royal Intrigue) X Tokatee Falls. Schreiner 2004. HM 2006, AM 2009.

BOLD VISION Frederick Kerr, Reg. 1999 Sdlg. 936307. TB, 29" (74 cm), EML S. dark yellow; F. dark yellow, lighter around gold beard, wide brownish red band; ruffled, flared. Citoyen X 9111A, Dear Jean sib. Rainbow Acres 2000. HM 2002, AM 2006.

BROADWAY STAR R. Schreiner, Reg. 1957 Sdlg. L 721-1. TB, 38" (97 cm), ML S. smooth cream, F. rose with magenta cast. (Maytime x Extravaganza) X sib. of Opal Beauty. Schreiner 1957. HM 1957.

CHERRY GARDEN Bennett Jones, Reg. 1966 Sdlg. M134-1. SDB, 15" (38 cm), M ; Pansy purple (Wilson 928/3) self. Captain Gallant x pumila Y9C (Randolph). Jones 1967. HC 1966, HM 1968, JC 1968, 1969, AM 1970, Cook-Douglas 1972.

CLARENCE Lloyd Zurbrigg, Reg. 1990 Sdlg. ZZZ. TB, 35" (89 cm), M & RE (Aug/ NC & VA) S. white, tinted violet at top; F. light blue violet, white center and hafts; cream beard; sweet fragrance. Parentage unknown. Avonbank 1991. HM 1995, AM 1997, Wister 2000.

COMO SURPRISE L. Donnell, Reg. 1976 Sdlg. 72-4-1. TB, 32" (81 cm), EM ; Dark violet (RHS 83B) self; orange beard tipped violet. Apropos X Stepping Out. Tempo Two 1977/78.

CRIMSON SNOW Barry Blyth, Reg. 1987 Sdlg. S210-1. TB, 30-32" (76-81 cm), E-M S. orchid pink (nearly white); F. plush ruby rose, 1/4" pink white band; white beard tipped tangerine. Ambiance X (Tomorrow's Child x (Love Chant x Festive Skirt)). Tempo Two 1987/88.

DANCING DIVA Kerryn Turner, Reg. 1996 Sdlg. KH91-3-4. TB, 36" (91 cm), M S. rose; F. plush burgundy rose, 1/4" lighter edge; beards tangerine orange. Bama Berry X Holiday Lover. Tempo Two 1996/97.

DAZZLING GOLD D. C. Anderson, Reg. 1977 Sdlg. DA-RA-6. TB, 29" (74 cm), M ; Golden yellow with red-brown wash and golden-yellow edge on F.; fluted; orange beard. Radiant Apogee X West Coast. Melrose Gardens 1981. HM 1983, AM 1985.

DEEP DARK SECRET Paul Black, Reg. 1998 Sdlg. A26C. TB, 34" (86 cm), M S. dark blue purple, waxy sheen, blending to medium violet blue edge; style arms medium violet blue; F. dark blue purple, pale violet white diffused band, darker plum brown hafts; beards gold; heavily ruffled; pronounced sweet fragrance. In Town X Witches' Sabbath. Mid-America 1998. HM 2000, AM 2002.

DOT AND DASH D. Hall, Reg. 1960 Sdlg. 56-13. TB, 32" (81 cm), M ; S deep violet; F white, wide border same as S. 53-30 X 53-25. Cooley 1960. HC 1957, HM 1960, JC 1961, AM 1962

EARL OF ESSEX L. Zurbrigg, Reg. 1979 Sdlg. M 46 PL. TB, 35" (89 cm), E & RE (late Sept in VA) ; Lightly ruffled and fluted white, heavily veined and stippled orchid violet on S. and with precise 1/3" orchid-violet border on F.; pale orange beard infused pale violet. (((Crinkled Ivory x Autumn Sensation) x Grand Baroque) x (Sky Queen x Grand Baroque)) X Violet Classic. Avonbank Gardens 1980. HM 1983.

EMMA COOK P. Cook, Reg. 1957 Sdlg. 11155. TB, 34" (86 cm), M S. white; F. white with 1/2" border royal purple; beard, white on outer end, yellow under stylearm. Sdlg. 12552: (((blue sdlg. x Progenitor x Shining Waters)) x Distance x (Progenitor x Shining Waters))) x sdlg. 14152: (Dreamcastle x (blue sdlg. x (Distance x (Progenitor x Shining Waters)))). Cook 1959. HM 1959, AM 1961.

EXOTIC BLUE Randolph, Reg. 1957 Sdlg. 51-223-5. TB, 28" (71 cm), M ; Light lavender-blue self, with darker center; brown beard, tipped blue. (Mata Hari x Black Forest) x Wedgwood. Randolph 1958. HM 1958.

FIERY TEMPER Keith Keppel, Reg. 2000 Sdlg. 95-68L. TB, 36" (91 cm), M ; S. dahlia purple (M&P 55-J-12); style arms dahlia purple, shaded and edged apricot yellow; F. red black; beards bittersweet orange to tile red (3-BCD-12). 92-83S: (Night Game x 88-140A: ((Tomorrow's Child x Gatty K41-1: (Show Biz x Villain)) x Gallant Rogue)) X Romantic Evening. Keppel 2001. HM 2003, AM 2005.

GAME PLAN Keith Keppel, R. 2002 Sdlg. 95-39A. TB, 37" (94 cm), M ; S. topaz (M&P 12-I-8), deeper (12-I-9) base; style arms buff (11-K-7); F. burnished gold (12-L-7/8) shading to buff (11-K-7) center; beards tile red (3-D-12); foliage purple-based. 92-84A: (Night Game x 89-152A: (((Winemaster x Congratulations) x Faraway Places) x (Faraway Places x Heathen))) X 90-98A: (Jolt x 88-99A: (Florida Orange x (Flashpoint x 79-56E, pollen parent of Popularity))). Keppel 2002. HM 2004.

GOING MY WAY (J. Gibson, R. 1971) Sdlg. 36-8A. TB, 37" (94 cm), M ; S. white ground with purple rim; F. same; beard half orange and half blue; ruffled. Border Happy X Stepping Out. Gibson 1972. HM 1973, AM 1975.

GOLDEN CHANCE (DeForest, R. 1958) Sdlg. 57-200. TB, 38" (97 cm), M ; Rich yellow self. ((Mexico x Argus Pheasant) x (Indian Nation x Colonel Primrose). Irisnoll 1962. HM 1964.

HAUT LES VOILES (Cayeux, R. 1999) Sdlg. 9392 C. TB, 33" (85 cm), ML S. light butter yellow; F. light blue lavender; beards yellow, blue lavender at end, inconspicuous. Edith Wolford X Honky Tonk Blues. Cayeus 2000.

HEAVEN'S EDGE Chet Tompkins, Reg. 1995 Sdlg. 93-6. TB, 36" (91 cm), EML S. white, faint blue flush; style arms pale blue white; F. snow white, narrow blackish indigo blue edge; beards white. Eagles Flight x Armada. Fleur de Lis 1996.

HONK YOUR HORN Paul Black, Reg. 2000 Sdlg. C59E. TB, 45" (114 cm), L S. silvery medium violet blue with darker base, paling with age to leave darker rim; style arms dark violet blue edged pearl; F. silvery white shaded violet blue darkest at beard, paling near edge but with darker rim; beards dull gold to gold, violet blue at end, fuzzy dark blue horn; ruffled, lightly laced; slight spicy fragrance. Lookout Point X Honky Tonk Blues. Mid-America 2001. HM 2003, AM 2005.

HOUDINI W. Maryott, Reg. 1984 Sdlg. G1738LK. TB, 35" (89 cm), M Ruffled velvety deep red black; self beard. Midnight Special X E34C: ((Prophecy x Gypsy Belle) x Intuition). Maryott's Gardens 1985. HM 1987.

INAUGURAL BALL Joseph Ghio, Reg. 1987 Sdlg. 82-124-J3. TB, 40" (102 cm), EM-L Metallic red purple; blue beard. Titan's Glory X Bubbling Over. Bay View Gardens 1988. HM 1990.

INDIAN TERRITORY Joseph Ghio, Reg. 1979 Sdlg. 74-64V. TB, 38" (97 cm), EM ; Red-brown self; red-brown beard. Malaysia X 71-19C: (Show Time x (Ponderosa x New Moon)). Bay View Gardens 1980. HM 1982.

JEWEL TONE Schreiners, Reg. 1966 Sdlg. W 459-A. TB, 37" (94 cm), EM Rich glossy ruby-red self; F with heavier nap; dull brown beard. R 348.-A (((L 572-1(((1 338-1 (Casa Morena x Burmese Ruby)) x ((I 244-1 (Orelio x Pacemaker))) x Trim X Tomeco. Schreiners 1966. HM 1967, JC 1968, Cook-Lapham Bowl 1968, AM 1970.

KNIGHTED T. Blyth, Reg. 1987 Sdlg. TD16-A. TB, 36-38" (91-97 cm), M-ML S. pure white; F. royal violet, 1/8" lighter violet edge; gold beard. Mossenova X Noon Siesta. Tempo Two 1987/88.

LADY FIRE James Gibson by Cooley's Gardens, Reg. 1993 Sdlg. 6-0B. TB, 32" (81 cm), EM S. brick red; F. white ground with brick red markings and 1/8" wide stripe extending from orange beard. Parentage unknown. Cooley 1992.

LIAISON Joseph Ghio, Reg. 1986 Sdlg. 81-36V. TB, 36" (91 cm), M ; S. pink with peach midrib; F. deep velvety purple, pronounced 1/8" pink band; orange beard; lightly ruffled. Ringo X Magic Man. Maryott's Gardens 1986. HM 1988.

LILAC WINE B. Blyth, Reg. 1977. Sdlg. J78-4. TB 36" (91 cm) E-M. S. lilac, deepening to beige at midribs; F. velvety plum red; lemon yellow beard. (Barcelona x Outer Limits) X (Snowlight x Visionary sib)., Tempo Two 1977/78.

LOUDOUN CHARMER B. Crossman, Reg. 1972 Sdlg. 6834. TB, 39" (99 cm), M S. cream (RHS 159C); F. violet (84C); tangerine beard. Lady of Loudoun X Pretty Carol. Gene & Gerry's Iris 1973. HM 1974.

MASTERY Barry Blyth, Reg. 2000 Sdlg. E120-1. TB, 36" (91 cm), L-VL S. clear butterscotch; F. ruby red brown, 3/4" tan beige band; beards old gold; slight sweet fragrance. B246-1: (Sooner Serenade x Latin Melody) X Plume d'Or. Keppel, Tempo Two 2001, 2001/02. HM 2003, AM 2005.

MINNESOTA MIXED-UP KID Jack Worel, Reg. 2003 BB, 25" (64 cm), EM ; S., style arms and F. light cream ground with irregular purple blotches and specks; S. with yellow at base extending on margin ⅓ distance upward, continuing as yellow marginal tinge; F. similar, yellow slightly more pronounced and extending halfway, continuing as yellow tinge; beards yellow, slightly darker in throat; slight sweet fragrance. Parentage and origin unknown. in distribution Ca 1970, often as "Mixed Up Kid".

MOLTEN EMBERS Schreiners, Reg. 1969 Sdlg. W 593-B. TB, 38" (97 cm), ML Suffused red heavily shot and influenced deeper copper and brown tones; molten underglow; F more velvety looking slightly darker; self beard. Olympic Torch X T 302-A ((R 445-A (Caldron x L 299-3: Sunset Blaze x Inca Chief) x 585-1 (Trim x Bronze Bell)). Schreiner 1969. HC 1968, HM 1970.

MOONSTRUCK Schreiner's, Reg. 1979 Sdlg. I 1225-1. TB, 36" (91 cm), EM Sulphur yellow self; light yellow beard. Moon Glimmer X New Moon. Schreiner's 1979.

MORNING MAIL Barry Blyth, Reg. 1998 Sdlg. E148-3. TB, 38" (96 cm), EM Orchid lilac self; beards tangerine. Cloud Berry X About Town. Tempo Two 1998/99.

NIGHT OWL Schreiner's, Reg. 1970 Sdlg. A 705-1. TB, 38" (97 cm), ML S. rich dark violet-blue-black; F. same with velvety texture; self beard. Prince Indigo X Nightside. Schreiner's 1970. HM 1971, AM 1973.

OCELOT Joseph Ghio, Reg. 1997 Sdlg. 93-2Q. TB, 36" (91 cm), EM S. peach; F. maroon with blackish sheen; beards tangerine. Chinese New Year X Romantic Evening. Bay View 1998. HM 2000, AM 2002.

PAINTED PICTURES Richard Ernst, Reg. 1992 Sdlg. 84X-61. TB, 42" (107 cm), M S. blue; style arms blue tipped gold on crests; F. royal purple edged lighter; beards yellow; ruffled. B187-1: ((Bayberry Candle x Hi Top) x Ringo) X Ringo. Cooley 1991.

PAUL BLACK Tom Johnson, Reg. 2002 Sdlg. R103A. TB, 42" (107 cm), ML Medium dark purple blue; beards dark orange; pronounced spicy fragrance. Tom Johnson X Star Fleet. Mid-America 2003. HM 2005, AM 2007, Wister 2009, Dykes 2010.

PAY THE PRICE Graeme Grosvenor, Reg. 1999 Sdlg. V103-X. TB, 34" (86 cm), M S. white, heavily overlaid light blue; F. white, darker blue rim; beards white, tipped blue. T9-1: (Marriage Vows x Snowbrook) X Zipper Stitch sib. Rainbow Ridge 1999/2000. 

PEACH PETAL PIE  O. D. Niswonger, R. 1992 Sdlg. SDB 35-91. SDB, 11" (28 cm), M ; S. ivory with pink infusion; F. ivory, increased pink infusion near white beard. Straw Hat X Ballet Slippers. Cape Iris 1992. HM 1996, AM 1999 .

PHEASANT FEATHERS Larry Johnson, Reg. 1999 Sdlg. JO91-67A. TB, 45" (114 cm), ML S. tan; F. violet, brown shoulders and rim; beards gold; slight sweet fragrance. Jovial Vagabond sib X Impressionist. Cooley 1999. HM 2001.

PISTACHIO Joseph Ghio, Reg. 1973 Sdlg. 69-115K. TB, 36" (91 cm), E-L ; Medium green self with slight yellow infusion; light green beard. Glenwood sib X ((Denver Mint x Oasis) x (Willow Wisp x Swami sib)). Bay View Gardens 1974. HM 1975.

PRANK Keith Keppel, Reg. 2000 Sdlg. 94-19B. SDB, 9" (23 cm), EM ; Aureolin yellow (M&P 10-L-2) shaded pyrethrum yellow (11-L-2), F. faintly darker; beards periwinkle blue (43-B-8); pronounced sweet fragrance. Spanish Empire X Easter. Keppel 2000. HM 2002.

PRESTIGE ITEM Ben Hager, Reg. 1991 Sdlg. T4875Rs. TB, 34" (86 cm), M Glowing salmon rose; self beards. T3890MvRs: (Entourage x Strawberry Sensation) X T4271BchDpPk: (T3868PkPk: ((Kindness x (Carved Cameo x Vanity)) x ((Ice Sculpture x Liz) x Vanity)) x T3205Frm: (Vanity x Pink Persian)). Melrose 1992. HM 1995.

PROGRESSIVE ATTITUDE Sterling Innerst, Reg. 1991 Sdlg. 3093-1. TB, 36" (91 cm), EM Re. S. white; F. white, narrow stitched blue edge; beards lemon, tipped white; slight musky fragrance. Instructor X 2237-15: (Burgundy Brown x (Osage Buff x Spinning Wheel)). Innerst 1992. HM 1996.

REGALAIRE Schreiners, Reg. 1969 Sdlg. Y 243-F. TB, 34" (86 cm), EM Rich deep shade of blue-violet self; blue beard. Pod parent tracing to Melissa, Harbor Blue and Blue Sapphire X pollen parent to Seafarer, Pierre Menard, Blue Ensign and Down Beat. Schreiners 1969. HC 1968, HM 1971.

RIO Keith Keppel, Reg. 2000 Sdlg. 96-50B. TB, 38" (97 cm), ML S. maize (M&P 10-G-5), midrib faintly flushed peach (10-A-5); style arms slightly deeper (10-IJ-6); F. soft pinkish purple (53-J-1) wash on maize, lighter 1/8" edge and around beard; beards solid burnt orange (3-G-12). Braggadocio X 93-72W, Sharpshooter sib. Keppel 2001. HM 2003, AM 2005.

ROSALIE FIGGE Jane McKnew, Reg. 1991 Sdlg. 1-2. TB, 39" (99 cm), M & RE ; S. violet (RHS 86B); style arms violet (85C) streaked darker (86A) on midline; F. dark violet (86A), white spray pattern around beard; beards white, tipped violet (86C), yellow in throat; pronounced sweet fragrance. Titan's Glory X Violet Miracle. Rialto 1993. HM 1996, AM 1999 

SHARPSHOOTER Keith Keppel, Reg. 2000 Sdlg. 93-72B. TB, 37" (94 cm), M S. pale lavender blue (M&P 41-AB-5/6), amber tan (12-J-4) basal suffusion; style arms pale lavender blue, crests edged amber; F. vatican purple (45-L-12), faint rubient (55-L-8) haft suffusion, narrow violet (41-J-9) edge, faint darker wire rim; beards navaho (10-C-12), slight violet base; ruffled. 89-79D, Night Game sib, X Romantic Evening. Keppel 2000. HM 2002, AM 2004.

SOLAR FIRE Richard Tasco, Reg. 2002 Sdlg. 96-TB-15-21. TB, 36" (91 cm), M S. golden yellow, golden bronze flush strongest near edge; style arms yellow, midrib golden orange; F. oxblood red (RHS 183B), yellow netting around beard; beards gold, oxblood red flounce or hairy horn; ruffled; slight fragrance. Thornbird X Golden Panther. Superstition 2003. HM 2005, AM 2007.

SPANISH GIFT G.Shoop, Reg. 1964 Sdlg. B60-16-l. TB, 36" (91 cm), M ; Orange self; deep orange beard. Bright Magic X B55-39. Shoop 1965. HM 1967.

SPANISH LEATHER Schreiner's, Reg. 1985 Sdlg. R 815-B. TB, 35" (89 cm), EM Lightly ruffled rose, copper, henna and maroon blend with golden dappling highlighting shoulders and broad hafts; old gold blended beard. I 910-2: (D 824-AA x E 1068-A: (Calypso Bay sib x Y 866-A)) X K 891-B: ((Lime Fizz x Kingdom) x New Moon). Schreiner's 1985.

SPICED CUSTARD John Weiler, Reg. 1987 Sdlg. 81-127-1. TB, 32" (81 cm), M-L S. cream and yellow blend, yellow most prominent near veins; F. burnt orange and cinnamon brown blend; maraschino red beard. 79-83-7: (Misty Moonscape x Miss Goldilocks) X 79-87-1: (Trudy x Roe D-10, greenish amoena). Rialto Gardens 1987. HM 1989.

SPLASHACATA Richard Tasco, Reg. 1997 Sdlg. 93-41-15. TB, 35" (89 cm), M S. pallid violet; style arms same, midrib deeper; F. white ground, allover peppering of purple dots more concentrated at edge; beards white, pale violet cast at end, remainder with hairs tipped golden yellow; lightly ruffled. Purple Pepper X 91-04: (Snowbrook x Jesse's Song). Superstition 1998. HM 2000, AM 2002, Wister 2004, Dykes 2005.

SUN MIRACLE Schreiners, Reg. 1967 Sdlg. W 474-AA. TB, 36" (91 cm), M ; Absolute self of even color pure gold, canary yellow (RHS canary yellow), very smooth; even yellow beard. Olympic Torch X R 272-2: (Golden Blaze x M1158-A: (Country Butter x Golden Sunshine)). Schreiners 1967.

SUNNYSIDE DELIGHT Schreiner, Reg. 2002 Sdlg. HH 1344-1. TB, 37" (94 cm), M S. and style arms mimosa yellow (RHS 8C); F. rosy magenta (78B), narrow buff lavender rim; beards yellow. Jazzed Up X CC 760-B, Bold Fashion sib. Schreiner 2002.

SUPER DANCER B. Blyth, Reg. 1988. Sdlg. U69-A. TB 36" (91 cm) E-M. S. tan-beige apricot, flushed violet at midrib; F. heavily ruffled light plum violet; tangerine beard. Street Dancer X (Nefertiti x Keppel 77-111Q, Gigolo sib)., Tempo Two 1989/90.

SURPRISING WIT James Gibson by Cooley's Gardens, Reg. 1999 Sdlg. 10-2D. TB, 35" (89 cm), E S. tan, veined purple; F. white ground, raspberry plicata markings; beards mustard brown. 28-4I, Inspiration Point sib, X Broadway. Cooley 1999.

TAMBOURINE S. Babson, Reg. 1968 Sdlg. P108-2. TB, 32" (81 cm), M, S bright gold, tinged yellow; F blend of plum-blue and garnet. Apropos X unknown. Melrose 1969. HC 1968, HM 1970.

TEAMWORK Keith Keppel, Reg. 2000 Sdlg. 93-72H. TB, 36" (91 cm), M ; S. light lavender blue (M&P 41-AB-5); style arms same, midrib deeper, crests shaded tan; F. dark velvety purple (47-L-10 to 47-J-11); beards ginger (5/6-D-12); slight sweet fragrance. 89-79D, Night Game sib, X Romantic Evening. Keppel 2001. HM 2003.

TOTAL RECALL Ben Hager, Reg. 1992 Sdlg. RE5079SmkCrBi. TB, 34" (86 cm), EML & RE ; S. light to medium yellow; F. white, edged yellow; beards light yellow; ruffled. Mother Earth X Bonus Mama. Melrose 1992. HM 1996, AM 2000.

WALKING ON AIR Paul Black, Reg. 2000 Sdlg. C18H. TB, 35" (89 cm), L ; S. light violet blue infused blue purple from base through center; style arms light violet blue, violet midrib; F. dark violet blue center shading to light edge, hafts plum with few white veins; beards violet blue to brassy gold, gold in throat; ruffled; foliage purple-based; pronounced spicy fragrance. Honky Tonk Blues X Deep Dark Secret. Mid-America 2001. HM 2003, AM 2005.

WILD BERRY B. Hamner, Reg. 1978 Sdlg. 73-60. TB, 36" (91 cm), M ; S. solid violet-purple (RHS 77A); F. white ground with heavy violet-purple plicata markings. Casino Queen X sdlgs. Hamner 1978. HM 1980.

WINTER OLYMPICS Opal Brown, Reg. 1961 Sdlg. 9-5A7. TB, 37" (94 cm), E-M ; White self; white beard. Poet's Dream X Eleanor's Pride. Brown's Sunnyhill Gardens 1963. HC 1961, HM 1964, AM 1966, JC 1964, 1965, Clara Rees Cup 1966,Nelson Award 1969, Dykes Medal 1967 .

WINTRY SKY Keith Keppel, Reg. 2002 Sdlg. 95-14A. TB, 36" (91 cm), EM ; S. steeplechase blue (M&P 43-HG-11) central area shading to light blue (42-AB-6) edge, midrib flushed foxglove (42-GH-9); style arms light blue (42-AB-3); F. blue white (42-A-1/2), foxglove shading in throat beside beard; beards cream at end, yellow in throat, with blue base; heavily ruffled. Crowned Heads X 91-165A: (Spring Shower x Modern Times). Keppel 2002. HM 2004, AM 2006, Wister 2010.

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Monday, May 21, 2012

Standard Dwarf Bearded Iris IRWELL DELIGHT

In 1999 Ron Busch released and registered 5 Standard Dwarf Irises which just disappeared below the Iris World radar. No photos, no reports in Journals,they almost only existed as just 5 entries in a Checklist. I have been very fortunate to discovered that four out of the five beauties have taken up residency at Carol Rogerson of South Pacific Epiphyllums Nursery.
One of the 'discovered' is pictured above, the Standard Dwarf Bearded Iris 'IRWELL DELIGHT'. As I do not grow this iris I asked Carol to share her thoughts on how well this iris grows in her South Auckland garden.

"It delights us with its main flush of flowers in late spring. I have noticed it has a tendency to send out blooms at varying times after the main bloom in my climate. Flowers reach the registered height. It has very pretty flowers with luminous colourings and almost appears to have a metallic sheen on the falls, that are gently ruffled and flared. Blooms hold up well in rain and humidity doesn’t bother it. Exceptionally vigorous and clumps up quickly to form a good healthy clump. Very popular last season and will be offered again next season (2012-2013)..................................each $6.00."

2011 New Zealand Hybridisers Cumulative Checklist
IRWELL DELIGHT Ron Busch Reg., 1999. Sdlg. 93D34-87. SDB, 12″, (31cm), ML. S. pale lavender; F. old gold; beards lavender. Parentage unknown. Irwell Iris Garden, 1999.

As always clicking on the above image will take you to the larger, higher resolution version.
Photo credit Carol Rogerson. Copyright Iris Hunter.

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Friday, May 18, 2012

Iris Germanica



July 14th 1894

IRIS GERMANICA.-- It is now nearly thirty years since I began to collect some of the varieties of Iris germanica, many of which are still the most beautiful, though I have added to their numbers of late years. This year a disease has appeared and killed several of my most thriving plants. One large clump of Aurea, full of bloom, just showing the colour, was struck, as it were, in a night, it having the appearance as though scorched, and so with a few others. I tried several methods to save them, but none availed, and they are dead, or very nearly so. I have not seen the disease before, and I hope and trust that I may never do so again. With these exceptions, I have never had such wonderful flowers, both in size, form, and colour. In some instances they consisted of four standards, and four falls. In another there were seven standards and four falls. While one, the old ‘Rose Queen’, now called ‘Queen of the May’, a lovely bright light pink "beauty," produced one flower with five standards, five falls, and five petaloids, and yet in all these respects was well proportioned. This form being new to me, I made a drawing for the Gardeners' Chronicle, thinking possibly it might prove of interest to some of its readers.

While on the subject, I wish to remark that I know of but few florists’ flowers where so many different names are given to apparently the same flower. I commenced the culture of Iris by buying about fifty sorts or varieties of Mr. Salter, of Hammersmith, years ago, and I now find several of these have another name, and some more than one, newly bestowed on them.
What I have grown as the Duchess of Buccleuch, a fine purple and white blotched variety, is now called Victorine ; the old Abou Hassan is Louis Van Houtte, et ceterarum, and Goldfinch is Prince of Orange; yet I intend to call them by the names I have known them by, and were given to them by their skilful raiser, Mr. Salter.

As I have had a long experience, perhaps I should not be considered trespassing too much on your space if I give the names of a few of the most distinct. Among the dark purples, I have thought subbiflora, nepalense, Crimson King, and germanica major the best; Of whites, ‘Mrs. H. Darwin’ is the most beautiful, then the ‘Princess of Wales,’ ‘Innocenza, and ‘Florentina,’ the last has been grand this year.
Of white with blue and lilac edgings, Celestine is delicate in form and colour, but both Madame Cherian (Mme. Chereau) and Saladin are excellent - in fact, it is difficult to decide which is the best.
Othello is more than a good dark one, the standards being a bright blue, and the falls nearly black. In this way is the Emperor of Morocco, but lighter. Of the white striped with blue, Zebra is the most singular, the standards, falls, and petaloids all being striped ; next is Salter's Zebrina, the standards being soft lilac, spotted at the base, and the falls striped ; the last variety of this is a seedling, with the standards white, and the falls striped with deep blue- purple - this is very telling, and is named J. Jenner Weir.
Of the yellows, flavescens as a light colour still holds its own, while ‘Aurea’ is unsurpassable as a bright yellow. A new one of mine, named ‘Gold Crest’, is very good, the standards and falls being chromey-white, edged with deep yellow, with a few light purple blotches on the latter.
Salter's Gipsy Queen is peculiar, the standards being a yellowish- grey, the falls deep blue-purple, reticulated, white. His Jacquiana’ is lovely, the standards are of a light orange, shaded with carmine, and the falls a deep carmine- purple, the beard cream. I raised a seedling from this about fifteen years ago, the standards being light crimson-sulphur suffused with blue, the falls a deep bluish-purple, reticulated with white at the base, with orange beard ; the flower is large and fine in form, and is called Harrison Weir by Mr. Barr. I have two very beautiful veined varieties, raised by Mr. Salter, of the squalens type; one is Venus, the other Venosa. I have raised a third; this is a soft fawn colour, the falls being slightly suffused with pink, named Fallow Deer. Goldfinch is lovely, standards and falls deep yellow, the latter reticulated with bright red. Lady Jane is a reddish-pink, well worth growing, as is Miralbs, of a similar colour. Cordelia is one of the most beautiful, and is remarkably rich in colouring of the red-purple type, with reddish-lavender standards. Darius is fine, as is De Bergii. Iris pallida is a large light blue, while pallida dalmatica is grand in size, colour and form, being one of if not the largest of all; it is also sweet-scented. All these are good, and will well repay the grower for any time or trouble he may take or expense he may incur, and not only be a delight to himself but to his friends also.

Harrison Weir, Sevenoaks, June 23 1894.

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Tall Bearded Iris TIGER HONEY

 No two blooms colour configurations are exactly the same and blooms can change due to regional growing and seasonal changes so what the photo shows will never be exactly replicated the same again. 'Tie dyed', 'Splish Splashes', 'Batik', whatever you like to call them they are officially classed as 'broken colour'. 'Tiger Honey' as you can see is a unique jambalaya colouration of butterscotch, honey, tan and white. This strong grower is set apart not only by its colouring, but also by a great fragrance! It produces a nice number of flowers on strong 98cm or 36" stems from early to mid-season. Out of a cross of one of my favourite irises Allan Ensminger's 'Maria Tormena' with Schreiners little known yellow and rose tan plicata "Desert Realm'. It's one of Brad Kasperek's early and quality achievements. If you don't own this Iris it's high time you did and soon!

Perry Dyer's CONTEMPORARY VIEWS -- 1995/1996
TIGER HONEY (Kasperek 1994) is the first release from this enthusiastic new hybridizer, and is a major advancement in the work Allan Ensminger began with the broken color pattern types (I refer to them as “splish-splashes”). Base color is bone, but then it is irregularly, irreverently mottled, streaked, and blotched with butterscotch, honey, and golden yellow. Like it or not, the zoo has arrived, folks – DEAL WITH IT!! (Personally, I fall into the “greatest fan” category – Mr. K is fresh and innovative in his approach to breeding and marketing, but dead serious about his work – he’ll go far!).

Schreiners Collector's Edition, 2000 Iris Lovers Catalog
TIGER HONEY (Kasperek 1994)EM. 36"
This hybridizer is winning recognition for his work with wildly imaginative color patterns. See for yourself, Tiger Honey is one of his best. Its butterscotch standards are randomly streaked in golden yellow. Its lightly laced and ruffled flaring falls are fabulously striped in streaks and blotches of mustard yellow, tan and white. Not to be overlooked is its strong growth. HM 1996, AM 1998

Tempo Two Iris and Daylilies 2002-2003
TIGER HONEY (Kasperek 94 USA) EM 38" Standards are butterscotch with random golden yellow streaks. Falls are butterscotch with caramel stripes on golden yellow ground, and off white streaking. Beards are butterscotch. Lightly laced, ruffled. No two flowers are the same. Well branched. (Desert Realm X Maria Tormena)

AIS Checklist 1999
(Brad Kasperek, R. 1993) Sdlg. 89-45D. TB, 38" (97 cm), EM
S. butterscotch (RHS 163B) with random golden yellow (15C) streaks; F. butterscotch and caramel (163A) stripes on golden yellow (15C) ground, off-white (155C) streaking; beards butterscotch; lightly laced, ruffled; slight fragrance. Desert Realm X Maria Tormena. Zebra 1994. HM 1996, AM 1998 .

Photo credit and copyright Iris Hunter

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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Flash Mob in the Copenhagen Metro

Pure class and really amazing. Anyone got any ideas how a Iris Society could flash mob a crowd??

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Saturday, May 12, 2012

New Zealand Tall Bearded Iris IRWELL ROYAL

In the year 1997 Ron Busch registered the iris 'Irwell Royal', becoming the first of many Irises to be registered by Ron with the prefix 'Irwell'. Strong and vigorous growth and plant shows good health. Full and pleasantly ruffled light purple standards sets a striking contrast to the plush velvety purple of the falls with a nicely ruffled edge. Golden bronze beards that end with a hint of amethyst complete this exquisitely coloured ensemble. Slight fragrance.

Rossmore Iris Garden, Iris catalogue 2008/2009
Standards Purple, falls rich velvet purple with bronze beards. Ruffled.

South Pacific Epiphyllums Nursery Online catalogue 2012-2013, Carol Rogerson writes;
Large ruffled flowers held well on tall strong stems, ( would be registered height or thereabouts) Strong colourings that make a real statement in the garden. Later season blooming here, wind and rain resistant, fast to increase, purple bottom foliage, in my opinion an ideal iris for more northern climates, humidity doesn’t worry it. Would look stunning in a large mass planting. Hope to offer again this year $12.00

2011 New Zealand Hybridisers Cumulative Checklist
IRWELL ROYAL Mr. R.W. Busch Reg., 1997. Sdlg. L10. TB. 36″, (91 cm) M. S. Purple; F. Rich velvety purple; beards bronze; ruffled, flared; slight fragrance. Parentage unknown. Irwell Iris Garden, 1997.

A Big hat tip to Carol Rogerson for her super fine photo above.

As always clicking on the above image will take you to the larger, higher resolution version. Reproduction in whole or in part of this post, its opinions or its images without the expressed written permission of Terry Johnson is strictly prohibited. Photo credit and copyright Carol Rogerson and Heritage Irises ©.

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Friday, May 11, 2012

Tall Bearded Iris 'LILAC HAZE'

'Lilac Haze' is a really good dependable garden variety with strong tall stalks supporting moderately large flowers with magnificent branching and vigorous plant habits – truly a weed, but tends to make a highly desirable, floriferous clump. Found growing in many New Zealand Iris gardens and still readily available from several suppliers.

Mission Bell Gardens, Utah, Iris for 1973
LILAC HAZE (Schreiners 71) ML. 36" Lilac-orchid with a pearly lustre. The lightly ruffled blossoms are perfectly formed and have heavy substance. Sturdy well branched stems. Vigorous HM '72 ....$12.50

Gilbert H. Wild and Son. Inc. Sarcoxie Missouri Peonies-Iris-Daylilies 1982
LILAC HAZE (Schreiners 71) ML. 36" Lilac-orchid with a pearly lustre. Lightly ruffled blossoms are perfectly formed and have heavy substance, displayed on sturdy well branched stems. Vigorous HM '72... Each $2.00

BayBloom Nurseries, Tauranga, The Connoisseurs Catalogue, Spring-Summer 1988 
LILAC HAZE. The quality and harmony is embodied in this beauties subtle colour of perfect lavender with a pearly lustre. Beautifully ruffled flowers on well branched stems. A Classic..........$3.00

AIS Checklist 1979
LILAC HAZE Schreiner's, Reg. 1971 Sdlg. B 875-F. TB, 36" (91 cm), ML ; Uniform light silvery lilac-orchid; lemon yellow beard. T 1439-1: (Crinkled Beauty x (Amethyst Flame x Alpenrose)) X Rippling Waters. Schreiner's 1971. HM 1972.

As always clicking on the above image will take you to the larger, higher resolution version.
Photo credit and copyright Iris Hunter.

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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Tall Bearded Iris 'WENCH'

With evenly-applied ruffling and lace 'Wench' has sultry pink standards with peach pink midribs contrasting with luxurious falls in a magnificent changeable array of translucent plum, orchid, and lilac all sharply outlined with a pencilled pink rim which is featured on both the top and also the reverse side, adding to the delight is the pink infused white haft reticulations leading the eye towards the bright tangerine beard. Constantly changing to different colour tones as the sunlight hits it and as one changes positions viewing it! Good strong growth habits and candelabra show stalks. Blooms are rounded and evenly proportioned giving a good balanced look. A more sophisticated and modern form of George Shoops 1969 iris 'Latin Lover' or for that matter it also re-minds me a lot of Barry Blyth's 1974 introduction 'In Tempo'

Miller's Manor Gardens, Ossian, Indiana. 1993 Introductions.
WENCH (L. Miller) TB, 34", E-M. Brightly clad in a top of pink, lightly flushed plum on the midribs and style arms. Her falls are a ruffled, waved and flared skirt of plum red-violet with a fine pencil edging of pink and pink lines raying out beside the showy tangerine beards. Vigorous plants, 9-10 buds. Sdlg. 14188A: Colortart X Ringo $35.00

Bulletin of the American Iris Society, January, 1994, Number 292.
A California Visit at Bloomtime .  Phil Williams.
WENCH (Lynda Miller '93) has flesh pink standards; dark wine falls are velvet finished; orange beards with white haft venations. Attractive, unique and distinctive with two branches, a spur and 7 buds.

Bulletin of the American Iris Society, October, 1996, Number 303.
Valley Gardens Bill Reinhart.
WENCH (L. Miller '93), a pink and plum bicolor with pink edge and patterning, has been very popular with Southern California irisarians.

AIS Checklist 1999
WENCH Lynda Miller, Reg. 1991 Sdlg. 14188A. TB, 34" (86 cm), EM ; S. pink; F. plum red violet, pink pencil edge, pink lines around tangerine beard. Colortart X Ringo. Miller's Manor 1993. HM 1995, AM 1997 .

As always clicking on the above image will take you to the larger, higher resolution version.
Reproduction in whole or in part of this photo without the expressed written permission of Terry Johnson is strictly prohibited. 
Photo credit and copyright Terry Johnson and Heritage Irises ©.

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Saturday, May 5, 2012

New Zealand Standard Dwarf Bearded Iris 'ANA'

This heirloom iris now more than 35 years old and still has grace and charm. Growth is of moderate increase and has good plant health. Blooms have better than average substance, but as the photo shows its chief defect has been that it blooms a bit short which leads to the blooms some seasons getting lost in the foliage. Could make a good parent for someone interested in chasing the green lineage. Colour combination is good and falls shows the dominance of its 'Green Spot' parentage. Plant was purchased some years ago from Richmond Iris Garden and their 1999 catalogue description was simply 'Greenish cream', unfortunately they do not list this iris any-more.

2011 New Zealand Hybridisers Cumulative Checklist
ANA Mrs F. Love, Reg., 1977. SDB, 10″ (25 cm), M. S. white; F. pale green with darker green thumbprint and white edges. (Knotty Pine x R5A) X Green Spot. Hauauru Gardens 1978.

As always clicking on the above image will take you to the larger, higher resolution version.
Photo credit and copyright Iris Hunter.

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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Standard Dwarf Bearded Iris 'ALAMOSA'

An absolute stunner!! This is the exciting Standard Dwarf Bearded Iris 'Alamosa' by Noel Lapham who is undoubtedly New Zealand's premier breeder in this class. Blooms have excellent shape, that are displayed on stems that hold the bloom well above the foliage, strong growth with good plant health. It has been reported to me that the bloom colour can vary slightly regionally but that is not unusual. Bred in the Deep South so can handle a good winter chill which helps as a good winter frost seems to be essential for plenty of bloom for the next season with all dwarf irises. Available from Mossburn Gardens.

2011 New Zealand Hybridisers Cumulative Checklist
ALAMOSA Noel Lapham, Reg., 2008. Sdlg.04/59/1, SDB, 11″, (28 cm), M. S. pale lavender, lemon influence, style arms violet; F. pale lavender overlaid coffee in centre around beard, coffee veins in hafts; beards lavender, orange tipped in throat. Yippy Skippy X Low Spirits. Mossburn Iris Garden 2008. Lucy Delany Award 2010 (NZ) Highly Commended 2011 (NZ)

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