Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Tall Bearded Iris "AUTUMN CIRCUS "

I was told by an Iris friend a few years ago 'You need to grow this blue and white plicata iris'
Its was a bit like saying Las Vegas needs another Casino or Taupo needs another Motel, I mean just how many Blue and White plicata's does a garden need?
Well my friend was right and this classy variety presses all the right buttons when determining a excellent plicata garden Iris. Shorter than most Tall bearded Irises, it has good clean foliage, increases well, with plenty of bloom stalks with a impressive bud count and what's more if you treat it right it will be back in the Autumn with another great show of blooms. What more could you ask for?? A five Star Iris from a Legendary five Star Hybridiser.I am somewhat surprised that this Iris is not voted in Official Tall Bearded Iris Symposium of the American Iris Society, which determines the One Hundred Favourite Tall Bearded Irises for 2008, but unfortunately the variety does not meet the selection list criteria.

Cooley's 1999 Iris Fanciers Catalog
AUTUMN CIRCUS Hager (1990), TB, E 34" RE,
 Not-too-tall plicata with white ground standards and Falls. Blue-violet peppering on standards intensifies to near solid edging . Blue violet plicata edge on falls and distinct blue violet veining from the white beards. Bluish signal . Plenty of increase to accommodate fall re-bloom. HM1994

AIS Checklist 1999
AUTUMN CIRCUS (Ben Hager, R. 1990) Sdlg. RE4889StpPc. TB, 34" (86 cm), E & RE (Sept-Oct/CA) S. white, lightly peppered blue violet to solid edge; style arms deep violet; F. white, bold lines radiating from white beard, blue violet plicata edge. T3711Pc: (Space Odyssey x Socialite) X Earl of Essex. Melrose 1990. HM 1994.

Available from Schreiners and Cooley's in the US of A and Aulden Farm in the UK.
In New Zealand the iris is available from Amazing Iris Garden
All these commercial growers are listed under Iris Links

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Photo Credit and Copyright Iris Hunter


  1. All I can say is "Very Lovely Indeed" ... I love purple ... cheers!

  2. Yup .. 5 star indeed. So beautiful and attractive.

  3. I love Autumn Circus, and I'm not the only one : many of the visitors of my garden love this iris .


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