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Tall Bearded Iris "LACED COTTON"

Laced Cotton is a Schreiners recessive white with a delicate and ruffled chiffon appearance,which belies its super substance and resistance to moderately bad weather conditions. Considered by some to being a Cool or Cold White its ruffling adds a warmth and another dimension to the bloom. I have listed two catalogue entries from Schreiner, the original Introduction in 1980 where it states pure white, and the 2000 catalogue description that mentions a very faint lavender-orchid tint when blooms first open. Grown at home alongside a reasonable planting of the herbaceous peony, Festiva Maxima, (Mielles, 1851, an historic fragrant white double, with occasional crimson flecks on petals). Our purely accidental planting does make a great visual combination. 

'Laced Cotton' was registered in 1978, so is now unbelievably classified as a Historic Iris.

Schreiner's, Salem, Oregon, Iris Lover's Catalog,1980 .
LACED COTTON (Schreiner 1980 ML. 36"
Nature was in a fanciful mood when she created this heavily laced pure white variety. It is immaculately clean yet so daintily ruffled like exquisite Belgian lace. Endowed with flowers a full six inches high and accross this white spell binder shows no other color. Its beard, haft and center are all a clean pure white. Then the petals, both standards and falls are stiff, waxy and finely ruffled with copious lace. A new high in laced Iris! Laced Cotton couples both purity of color and the fine art of ruffling. Three branches with 5 to 6 buds. A must whose bloom can only be appreciated when seen. HC '79. Seedling #I 551-2 .................................................. $25.00

Tempo Two, Barry and Lesley Blyth, East Road, Pearcedale, Victoria, Australia, Season 1986-87
LACED COTTON (Schreiner '80 USA) ML. 36". Heavily laced pure white, so much lace it is as if it was 
exquisitely hand tacked like Belgian lace. Good branching. Gives plicata seedlings. (Crinkled Joy x sdlg) x Grand Waltz) HC '79. HM '82. AM '84..................................... $16.00

Schreiner's, Salem, Oregon,  2000 Iris Lover's Catalog, Collectors Edition.
LACED COTTON (Schreiners 1980) ML 36". This heavily laced white is immaculately clean and yet so daintily ruffled like exquisite Belgian lace . The huge 6" flowers actually have a very faint lavender-orchid tint when they first open. With three branches and 5-6 buds. Honorable Mention 1982, Award of Merit 1984.

AIS Checklist 1979
LACED COTTON (Schreiner's, R, 1978). Sdlg. I 551-1. TB 34" (86 cm) ML. Ruffled and laced pure white self; lemon to near white beard. E-275-A: (Crinkled Joy x B 696-AA) X Grand Waltz., Schreiner's 1980. High Commendation 1979, Honorable Mention 1982, Award of Merit 1984.

In New Zealand it can be purchased from Julie May at The Iris Garden Christchurch, and thirty years plus from the date it was first registered in the USA it is still been offered for sale by Schreiners today,which in and of itself is an amazing accolade.

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