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Tall Bearded Iris TIGER HONEY

 No two blooms colour configurations are exactly the same and blooms can change due to regional growing and seasonal changes so what the photo shows will never be exactly replicated the same again. 'Tie dyed', 'Splish Splashes', 'Batik', whatever you like to call them they are officially classed as 'broken colour'. 'Tiger Honey' as you can see is a unique jambalaya colouration of butterscotch, honey, tan and white. This strong grower is set apart not only by its colouring, but also by a great fragrance! It produces a nice number of flowers on strong 98cm or 36" stems from early to mid-season. Out of a cross of one of my favourite irises Allan Ensminger's 'Maria Tormena' with Schreiners little known yellow and rose tan plicata "Desert Realm'. It's one of Brad Kasperek's early and quality achievements. If you don't own this Iris it's high time you did and soon!

Perry Dyer's CONTEMPORARY VIEWS -- 1995/1996
TIGER HONEY (Kasperek 1994) is the first release from this enthusiastic new hybridizer, and is a major advancement in the work Allan Ensminger began with the broken color pattern types (I refer to them as “splish-splashes”). Base color is bone, but then it is irregularly, irreverently mottled, streaked, and blotched with butterscotch, honey, and golden yellow. Like it or not, the zoo has arrived, folks – DEAL WITH IT!! (Personally, I fall into the “greatest fan” category – Mr. K is fresh and innovative in his approach to breeding and marketing, but dead serious about his work – he’ll go far!).

Schreiners Collector's Edition, 2000 Iris Lovers Catalog
TIGER HONEY (Kasperek 1994)EM. 36"
This hybridizer is winning recognition for his work with wildly imaginative color patterns. See for yourself, Tiger Honey is one of his best. Its butterscotch standards are randomly streaked in golden yellow. Its lightly laced and ruffled flaring falls are fabulously striped in streaks and blotches of mustard yellow, tan and white. Not to be overlooked is its strong growth. HM 1996, AM 1998

Tempo Two Iris and Daylilies 2002-2003
TIGER HONEY (Kasperek 94 USA) EM 38" Standards are butterscotch with random golden yellow streaks. Falls are butterscotch with caramel stripes on golden yellow ground, and off white streaking. Beards are butterscotch. Lightly laced, ruffled. No two flowers are the same. Well branched. (Desert Realm X Maria Tormena)

AIS Checklist 1999
(Brad Kasperek, R. 1993) Sdlg. 89-45D. TB, 38" (97 cm), EM
S. butterscotch (RHS 163B) with random golden yellow (15C) streaks; F. butterscotch and caramel (163A) stripes on golden yellow (15C) ground, off-white (155C) streaking; beards butterscotch; lightly laced, ruffled; slight fragrance. Desert Realm X Maria Tormena. Zebra 1994. HM 1996, AM 1998 .

Photo credit and copyright Iris Hunter


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