Monday, June 4, 2012

Japanese Iris growing in New Zealand

Hi folks, a great heads up.
Eddie Johns of Otara Birch Gardens has had the blog nzata@otarabirch which has being around a good while. The situation has changed a little with Eddie now having returned to better health and has started posting on Facebook where he has loaded up the page with some great photos of his extraordinary seedlings and is inviting visitors to the page to leave their comments! Here's hoping he starts registering them, because they are very classy seedlings and god knows its been a long time since any world class Japanese irises have been introduced in New Zealand.
Otara Birch Gardens grows New Zealand's Premier Collection of Japanese Irises and there would be no better selection of these very fine irises anywhere else in the country.
The blog  is still there with all that valuable information and available to all visitors so if you are starting to ponder on how to start sowing that Japanese or Siberian Iris seed you have put away in the cupboard, now would be a good time to pay the blog a visit.
Just click on the image above and head on over. Don't forget to Bookmark the new Facebook page, and leave some words of encouragement!!!!


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