Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Tall Bearded Iris FESTIVE SKIRT

This vigorous Pink and White amoena can sometimes rebloom for me at home. 'Festive Skirt' is taller than its pollen parent 'Sunset Snows', with larger blooms that have extremely clean snow white standards with flaring falls of a good cocoa salmon pink that gradually lightens to a pale whitish pink towards the edge, subtle orange beards complete the package.... All and all a better 'Sunset Snows'. Frank Hutchings was renowned by some breeders for his work with Pink Amoena's which was equaled to Jean Stevens pink amoena breeding programme but sadly a lot of Franks work was and still is mind you, virtually unheralded. This Iris is still widely available in New Zealand and it's worth noting 'The Iris Boutique' (formerly Dublin Bay Irises) Catalogue has it listed this year for the very reasonable price of $9.00

Tell's Iris Gardens, Orem, Utah.
Tell's Iris Gardens Proudly Presents New for 1974.
FESTIVE SKIRT (Hutchings). M. 36 inches. (Complicated pedigree. See '73 Registrations) A personable advance in the Plic-amoena class. #71-28A. . $25.00

Melrose Gardens, Stockton, California. The Connoisseurs Catalog, 1981.
FESTIVE SKIRT (Hutchings '74.) Still the best rose and white "pink" amoena.

IRISES A Gardener's Encyclopedia, Claire Austin
Iris FESTIVE SKIRT (F. Hutchings 1973.)
This amoena has white standards that are flushed salmon-pink and salmon-pink falls that are paler in colour around the edges. The beards are orange. The petals are slightly ruffled. Height 89 cm. (35½ in.) Bloom mid-season.Parentage includes La Parisienne, Barbara Luddy, Just Annie, Golden Eagle, Pinnacle, China Gate, Numero Uno, and Sunset Snows.

AIS Checklist 1979
FESTIVE SKIRT F. Hutchings, Reg. 1973 Sdlg. 71-28A. TB, 35" (89 cm), M. S. white; F. salmon with pink overlay; orange beard; slight ruffling. 68-61: (inv. La Parisienne, Barbara Luddy, Just Annie, Golden Eagle, Pinnacle, China Gate, Numero Uno) X Sunset Snows. Tell 1974.

'Festive Skirt' is in the parentage of another of my favourite irises I grow at home 'Oriental Alabaster'.

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