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Barry Blyth's 2012 Introductions

B. Blyth 2012
 The Tempo Two web site has now been updated with all of the photos of his new 2012 Introductions.(Yes folks there are more than three outstanding irises introduced by Barry each season.) Mr. Blyth the generous chap that he is sent these three photo's of his new introductions to share with you all as a preview to the release of one of the finest kaleidoscopes of sensational new Irises for 2012. Checklist descriptions for these varieties are listed at the bottom of this page. Tempo Two gardens will be open to visitors on 3 weekends starting 20th October, 2012 and will have a display in their barn of some of the newer named iris for closer comparison to each other, or if you like you can wander the rows and see how they grow.

B. Blyth 2012

You would have to think it would be a safe bet that 'DECADENCE' is in the parentage somewhere!!

B. Blyth 2012
 AIS Checklist

AVENUE OF DREAMS Barry Blyth, Reg. 2009. Seedling Q98-1. TB, 40", (102 cm), Early-mid-late bloom season. Standards opalescent creamy pink becoming opalescent lavender-pink at midrib; falls light rosy magenta, 1/8" edge of soft pinkish lilac; beards tangerine in throat, soft blue-lilac at end; pronounced sweet fragrance. N211-5, Art at Dawn sib, X O21-1: (Paris Fashion x H165-9, Aflutter sib). Tempo Two 2112/2013.

IN HIGH HEELS Barry Blyth, reg. 2012. Sdlg No. S216-1, TB, M 34", (Sweet Svengali X (0166-A: (M39-1: (Excuse Me Darling x Mayfair Mistress sib) x Chocolates and Silk sib) x Dinner Talk)). Tempo Two 2012/2013.

MAKE MINE MAGIC  Barry Blyth, reg. 2012. Sdlg No. S299-1, TB, EM 34", 0248-1: (Winsome Dancer sib x (L285-1: Paint The Scene x Dreamlord) x Ocelot) X Another Woman. Tempo Two 2012/2013.

My thoughts above on the influence of 'DECADENCE' in 'MAKE MINE MAGIC' comes from ANOTHER WOMAN (Blyth '10) which a cross of 'Bursting Bubbles' X 'Decadence'

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A big hat tip to Barry Blyth for the sending of these beauties and please visit his web site 

As always clicking on the above images will take you to the larger, higher resolution version.
Photo credit and copyright Barry Blyth

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  1. I especially like hte color combination of 'In High Heels'. Those pale lavender standards are a nice soft contrast to the deep, rich purple falls, very ruffley too.


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