Saturday, April 13, 2013

Autumn Blooming Anemone x hybrida 'Honorine Jobert'

Anemone x hybrida 'Honorine Jobert' is a exquisite Japanese anemone variety with large silky white single flowers with those amazingly  contrasting yellow centre rings of stamens. Graceful blooms that change with age are on long branching stems over an attractive foliage of dark green leaves. Its fine qualities have won it the prestigious Award of Garden Merit from the Royal Horticultural Society. Anemones or as they are sometime known as windflowers  give borders a welcome boost in late summer and early autumn. This woodland plant has quickly established itself at the newly replanted perennial border at Queen Elisabeth Park, Masterton, several well growing clumps are creating a fantastic display signalling that Autumn is well a truly here!!  Grows to a height of 120cm-150cm.(48"-60"). Japanese anemones once established they are super easy to grow, the plant enjoys well-drained soil in sun or partial shade. Spread compost and mulch around the plants each year,we use sheep pellets to help create a humus rich soil that we know they appreciate. In a few weeks time the plants dark green leaves will turn an orangey red colour which had to the Autumn tones.

Anemone × hybrida is a hybrid of Anemone hupehensis var. japonica and Anemone vitifolia both plants from South West China and are species of flowering herbaceous perennials in the Ranunculaceae family. Honorine Jobert' is an old garden hybrid discovered in Verdun, France in 1858. All Japanese anemones are great for cutting.

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Photo credit and copyright Iris Hunter.


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