Sunday, December 15, 2013

Iris Evansia, Iris Japonica, Crested Iris, FAIRYLAND

Dainty white speckled florets smother this plant making a truly welcome display that starts in late winter and continues until the Tall Bearded Iris. Flowers are listed as in the checklist as B7 (Pink to Red toned self) which is just so completely wide of the mark. This plant has smaller growing sword like glossy green leaves, has no canes but sheathed stolons spread from plants traveling close to the surface quickly establish new plants that lead to form a large clump. In New Zealand  'Fairyland' grows best in semi shade as our harsh sun tends to badly burn the leaves. Registered by James C. Stevens of New York and introduced by Samuel Berry of Redlands, Southern California, who specialised in species Iris. My 'Fairyland' plant was gifted to me by Mary Richardson of Upper Hutt, whose garden is just full of New Zealand Iris History and also pleasantly packed with Iridaceae bulbs that put on a bold complementary display in the spring and early summer.

IRISES, A Gardener's Encyclopedia, Claire Austin.
Iris japonica
This short, spreading plant bears white flowers on upright stems. Height 30cm (12in.) Parentage I. Uwodu X (an American form) X  I. confusa.

AIS Checklist 1939
FAIRYLAND James C. Stevens, Reg 1936  Evansia. Ev.-E-B7 L  I. uwodu X I. confusa. J C Stevens 1936.

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