Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Tall Bearded Iris 'EDENITE'

This great flowering Red Black iris grows in a large clump at home and puts on an amazing early display. Vigorous growth with clean light green foliage. Blooms are a super smooth deep red-maroon black, velvety, a true self and are the epitome of elegance. Large and rounded full form. Not commonly sold commercially in New Zealand. It was originally sold to me labeled as "Black Swan", but that label was put to rest the day it first flowered.

Eden Road Iris Garden, Wenatchee, Washington. 1959 introductions.
EDENITE--- EM. 30 in.( Great Day x Sable Night) Entire flower is deep red-black with falls having a sooty black appearance. Flower is large with wide petals. Fertile both ways. H.C. '58 ...........................$35.00 net.

 Schreiner's, Salem, Oregon, Iris Lover's Catalog, 1964.
Here is a startlingly different dark iris. Absolutely different from other dark's in that it is a deep, intense, almost sooty deep red-maroon. Crisp, closed standards and flaring falls. Sombre and attractive.HM 1959. AM 1961. 

Cooleys Gardens, Silverton, Oregon. Iris Catalog, 1963.
'Sooty' black with a deep red undertone; a seedling of Sable Night The uniform blackness of this flower immediately attracts all who see it in the garden. Domed standards and flaring falls. Blooms rather early.

Richmond Iris Gardens, Hill Street, Richmond, New Zealand. IRISES 1967-1968
EDENITE E-M 35" A dark intense Iris, of deep maroon. Crisp closed standards and flaring falls, most attractive

Schliefert Iris Gardens, Murdock, Nebraska, 29th Annual Catalog, 1970.
EDENITE (Plough, '59) A large sooty black, from the red side. The entire flower is a deep red-black with the falls having a sooty black appearance.A.M. '61.

Courtesy Schreiner's Iris Lover's catalog for 1964

AIS Checklist, 1959.
EDENITE (Plough, R. 1958). Sdlg. 55-11-14. TB 30" EM. RN1. Sooty red-black. Great Day x Sable Night., Eden Road 1959. H.C. 1958, H.M. 1959 A.M. 1961.

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  1. What a stunning color -- it looks like velvet!

  2. if I don't get this iris one day I might end it all!!! wow! superb flower......


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