Friday, July 3, 2009

'Book Day Afternoon'

My Bigger than Ben-Hur Book Day today. Spent a good percentage of the morning and a couple of hours in the afternoon at the National Library, Wellington. (Making good progress with the Iris known as or perhaps its better put, grown as I. Swerti.)
Walking back to the car park I stopped by Pegasus Books, in the Left Bank, Cuba Mall, where I purchased a pre-loved book titled 'PLANT' for twenty five dollars which is amazing buying for a 515 page large book that can only be described as encyclopedic and I must say it wasn't pre-loved for long as its in mint condition.
The Book description from the dust cover.
From cultivating plants that are on the international endangered list or already extinct in the wild, to avoiding invasive species, gardeners can play a vital role in conservation. A ground breaking reference for both plant enthusiasts and gardeners, 'Plant' is a new-generation designed to provide environmental and horticultural information so that gardeners can make the right decisions about what to grow in their gardens.
The Author, Janet Marinelli is the Director of Publishing at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden and editor of the BBG's internationally-respected series of gardening handbooks. Endorsed by the Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew this superbly illustrated book features an extensive encyclopaedia of threatened plants covering every conceivable type. I found it interesting to read that a few Irises have made it to the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species .
All and all a very enjoyable day.


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