Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tall Bearded Historic Iris "CRAFTSMAN "

Strong rich yellow standards and white falls with a well defined band around the falls of the standards colour. An iris that is just a big sunny smile.
Its a great garden Iris that was still sold in New Zealand until recently. Good size blooms, a yellow which does not fade and plant with good health. I mean lets face it, a 1960 iris that is not a great performer would not of survived 50 years and would have made the compost heap years ago if had being anything other than better than good. Awarded by the American Iris Society a Honorable Mention 1965, Judges Choice 1966, and Award of Merit 1967 can give a good indication of the merits this Iris brings to a garden

Region 14 Northern California, Nevada,Regional Bulletin, Spring 1965.
Varietal Comments, Hazel Stewart, San Jose, California.

CRAFTSMAN, Knopf 1964; One of the best liked of the new introductions viewed at our 1964 regional in San Jose. It has deep yellow standards nicely ruffled and domed. The falls are wide and flaring with a wide band of deep yellow trim.. It is tall well branched and a glowing orange beard adds to its good qualities, and I have never seen such heavy substance.

 AIS Checklist 1969
CRAFTSMAN (M. Knopf, R. 1963). Sdlg. 62-12. TB 38" M-L. Y4W. S deep yellow; F white, yellow border; orange beard. Golden Garland X Mission Trails., Tell, Knopf 1964. HM 1965, JC 1966, AM 1967.

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