Friday, December 11, 2009

'Libertia peregrinans' New Zealand Iris



New Zealand's only genus of the worldwide distributed Iris family (Iridaceae) is LIBERTIA SPRENGEI of which there are 4 recognised native species. Libertia peregrinans is one of the native species growing in the gardens just outside Parliament Buildings Lampton Quay in an area known as Waitiki Landing

The plant is used extensively by the Wellington City Parks and Reserves Department and is planted in many public gardens around the Capitol City. It's tiny white flowers which are still on some plants outside the National Archives and at Glover Park but plantings at Waitiki Landing have finished flowering and photos show an abun
dance of seed. Colourful Orange Green foliage which becomes more vivid when the plant is stressed certainly makes a statement. Can handle poor soils and harsh conditions which makes the plant ideal for amenity plantings. Plant has short creeping Rhizomes with fibrous roots

Formerly widespread in its Native habitat the plant is now classified as Vulnerable.

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  1. Thanks for posting this! It reminded me that I had added one of the Libertia species to my garden last fall. Glad to hear they can accommodate poor soil and harsh conditions - I have both in abundance. Can't wait to see it blooming.

  2. Hi Mike
    Will be getting some seed of the species shown on the post. Would you like some and have a little New Zealand native growing in your garden??
    Regards T


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