Wednesday, December 2, 2009

New Zealand Tall Bearded Iris "SOUTHERN AUTUMN"

One of the highlights of this bloom season was the flowering of another Ron Busch Iris 'SOUTHERN AUTUMN" which performed great in the inclement weather. Good growth with eight to ten buds on very strong stalks, Standards a rosy grey white, Wine brick red ruffled semi-flaring falls with an edge the same colour as standards. Mustard gold beard enhances the colour combination. Whilst it was just its first year at home the colouration was stand out, it is floriferous, and has the potential to make a stunning clump. My understanding is that it is fertile both ways. An impressive Iris which would more than hold its own in its class internationally.Since the introduction of 'Finest Hour' this iris is the best New Zealand attempt at a red amoena in many decades.The breeding of red Irises or in fact a red amoena is the Holy Grail of the Iris world yet this iris was able to avoid been given an award of any sort, but in the New Zealand Iris world that isn't really a bombshell is it ??

AIS Checklist 1999
SOUTHERN AUTUMN (R. Busch, R. 1991). Sdlg. 8355/4. TB, 40" (102 cm), M. S. rose white flushed cream; F. brick red, light cream edge; beards golden brown. Parentage unknown. Irwell Iris Gardens, 1992.

Southern Autumn can be purchased in New Zealand by writing to, Jill Coates, 73 Ormond Road, Gisborne.

Big Hat tip to Ron Busch, a very clever man and one of New Zealands best Iris hybridisers.
Photo credit and copyright Iris Hunter


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