Monday, December 14, 2009

New Zealand Tall Bearded Iris "KINGSTON GLORY"

We have grown this iris at home for two years, but only bloomed in its second season. My initial thoughts were before checking the label that it was most likely Bernard Hamner's 1994 introduction 'Burgundy Party' and what was it doing growing there? But when reading the label and double checking my notes and garden map, I found out the Iris to be the widely acknowledged shy blooming New Zealand bred iris 'Kingston Glory'.
With good closed form in it's Standards, a nice amount of ruffling on both the standards and the falls, and with a not to excessive amount of veining extending from the haft down a significant third of the falls, giving 'Kingston Glory' a retro look of sorts. It's a soft bi-tone of burgundy-lilac colours which are sun-fast. Foliage has a purple bottom to it (PBF).
All and all, a better looking and a more structurally sound bloom than 'Burgundy Party', but lets itself down by being an sporadic bloomer a trait that happens a lot with the progeny of 'Bewilderbeast'. Branching inconsistent and bud count is lacking so far, but I will continue to grow this iris with interest and hope it looses interest in been shy.

AIS Checklist 2003
KINGSTON GLORY (Noel Lapham, R. 2003). Sdlg. 98-86x. TB, 32" (80 cm), M. S. light rosy lavender; F. deep velvety rosy wine red, white ground at haft with rosy wine red markings; beards gold; lightly ruffled; slight fragrance. Honky Tonk Blues X Bewilderbeast. Begg Shield 2001. Mossburn Iris Gardens 2003.

Photo credit and copyright Iris Hunter


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