Friday, January 30, 2009

Siberian Iris 'ROARING JELLY'

No feature on Siberian Irises would be complete without including 'ROARING JELLY'.
In New Zealand it was originally imported from America by Eddie Johns of Otara Birch Gardens fame (Shows he has good taste) and in gardens where it grows it still is a sensation.
This Iris consistently features in the Siberian Iris Society 'Favourite Cultivars List' year on year which is voted by the society members. Awarded the Morgan Wood Medal in 1999

Paul Black, now he knows a thing or two about Irises had this to say about Roaring Jelly in his 2005 Mid America Garden Catalogue 'Oh so yummy, the finest Siberian we grow, WOW'

From the Joe Pye Weed's Garden Catalogue 2008
ROARING JELLY - '92, M & RE, 36". Makes a magnificent clump! Falls dappled bright raspberry with pale lavender standards lightly dappled. Flowers full, round and slightly
recurved. Strong repeat. Morgan-Wood Medal '99.

2006 Cumulative Check List of Siberian Irises
ROARING JELLY Schafer, Marty and Sacks, Jan Reg. 1992 Sdlg 86-36-1 SIB (dip.) (36" 91 cm) M & re S. lavender-grey (RHS 85D) with diffused red-purple veins; style arms same, flushed blue-aqua; F. shaded and dappled throughout (overall effect is red-purple maroon), white signal with dark veining and dark blue flush. Warburton ARV82-31: ((Atoll x Ruffled Velvet) x Ruffled Velvet) X Springs Brook. Joe Pye Weed's Garden 1992 HM 1995; AM 1997; MORGAN-WOOD MEDAL 1999

Available in America from Joe Pye Weed's Garden, and also Iris City Gardens.
I am sure there are many other suppliers around the world and visitor's could try and search Google

Big Hat tip to Jan and Marty from Joe Pye Weed's Garden for photo and information

Photo Copyright Schafer/Sacks


  1. I've been meaning to get this Iris for a couple of years, but I never got my act together and it was always sold out. I think this is the year I finally get it (if I order it very soon).

  2. Hi MMD
    You will be most pleased if you do get to grow Roaring Jelly as it is a re bloomer so when conditions are right you will get more bloom for your bucks so to speak


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