Friday, August 7, 2009

IRIS Reticulata X IRIS Histrioides

A nice blue with just a splash of yellow Iris 'Harmony' is a very popular hybrid of Iris histrioides and Iris reticulata
 It took until this afternoon to get the shot in the sun. This tiny Iris tolerates either sun or shade. Blooms late winter early spring.Only 12 cm in height with a great primrose scent. The narrow almost square spear like foliage is very unique in the iris world.
Bulbs are readily available late summer from regular plant stores and Big Box hardware Chains. Planted in the Autumn, 10cm deep in small clumps.  They are perfect for growing in pots and demand very little attention.Keep the pots outside in a sheltered spot until the growth pokes through, when they can be brought inside to flower. After flowering, I give them a feed of blood and bone or a low nitrogen fertiliser and return outside to a partialty shaded spot.
For a tiny plant they certainly pack visual knock-out punch. Give them ago.

Photo Credit and Copyright Irishunter


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