Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Irises "Live at the Forum"



There is a new kid on the block in the Iris forum segment on the internet. Founded by Polly Kinsman of Siberian Iris Gardens and Dee Stewart of Snowpeak Iris. "It's in the beginning stages, but what we are attempting to create is a forum where iris lovers can go to chat, and learn, similar to Dave's Garden, but with no charge for membership. It is on the new website Cubits, and is simply named 'Irises', Polly says. "We currently have over 100 members and are growing every day, and it is our hopes to have not only forums to discuss irises, but articles about irises, and some informational pages. So, please, if you get a chance, stop by and see what it's all about. We welcome iris lovers regardless of expertise, and all visitors will find it a very friendly site. Hope to see you soon."she added.

Readers can visit the web site via http://cubits.org/irisforum/ or click the above photo.

Give it a go sounds like a lot of fun

Just signed up myself and found the joining process very easy and hassle free. Only had to answer a couple of questions and "voila" I am now a member!! ; The Iris Hunter



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