Friday, March 26, 2010

Tall Bearded Iris "LOCAL COLOR"

Fantastic increase and always gives that little bit extra by been a consistent bloomer over a long period.' Local Color', has as its pollen parent the mysterious and aptly named 'Gallant Rogue' bred by Barry Blyth yet named by Keith Keppel. 'Witches Sabbath' Bill Maryott's heavily ruffled purple black is the pod parent. With the same parents Keith also produce another stand out later blooming iris "Night Game".

Schreiners 2002 Iris Lovers Catalog
LOCAL COLOR (Keppel 1996)M. 40"
This extraordinary dark violet-black bi-tone displays the stunning color combination of its Blyth antecedents, (Magic Man,Tomorrow's Child and Gallant Rogue). The luxurious rich violet of the arched and domed standards is repeated as a narrow band on the blackish red falls. Bright tangerine beards provide a spectacular contrast. HM'98, AM'00

AIS Checklist 1999
Keith Keppel (R 1995) Sdlg. 91-86H TB 40"(107cm) M S. Roman Purple (M&P 44-K-10); style arms slightly lighter (42-K-9); F. Dark purple (47-L-12), narrow violet (42-JK-8) edge, slight white patterning near beard; beards orange vermilion (2-G-12) Witches Sabbath X Gallant Rogue. Keppel 1996 HM 1998

Sold in New Zealand by Amazing Iris Gardens and The Iris Garden, as for the rest of the universe this Iris is widely available

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