Saturday, April 3, 2010

Tall Bearded Iris "SILVERADO"

'Silverado' winner of the Dykes Medal in 1994, grows in a clump of three in the garden is one of the best if not 'thee best' in a cool silvery blue colour tone . It has strong, clean and vigorous foliage.The stalks are thick and strong to support the weight of the large flowers and it form is faultless. Colour tone sometime described as crystalline silvery white with self beards tipped yellow in the heart. Good branching. Still widely catalogued internationally and still sold by the originator Schreiners some 24 years after its registration.

Tempo Two Iris & Daylilies Catalogue 1994-95
SILVERADO (Schreiner 87USA ) M 38" This is as near perfection in an iris we have.Colour is cool blue white to silvery blue with lavish ruffling. Stunning form and finish. Will win lots of awards and worth a Dykes Medal. (Royal Satin sib X Carriage Trade) HM 89 AM 91

Schreiner's 75th Diamond Anniversary Catalog 2000
SILVERADO (Schreiner,1987) M 38"
This cool blue-white self dances with artistic flare. Silverado's broad and heavily substanced petals are lavishly ruffled. Tall sturdy stems superbly display 8-9 buds on two nicely spaced branches. HM '89 AM '91, Wister '93, Dykes Medal '94

AIS checklist 1989
SILVERADO (Schreiner's, R. 1986). Sdlg. S92-D. TB 38" (97 cm) M. Ruffled butterfly blue (HCC 645/3); self beard. K 440-5: (Starina x Navy Strut) X Carriage Trade., Schreiner's 1987. AM 1991, Wister 1993, Dykes 1994

Sold in New Zealand by Amazing Iris Gardens and Richmond Iris Garden, as for the rest of the Iris universe this Iris is still widely available.

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