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Tall Bearded Heirloom Iris "EASTER BONNET"

Bred by Luke Norton and Alexander Maxwell both of Yakima Washington, "Easter Bonnet" is a no fuss heirloom iris I found in a paddock growing alongside an old dilapidated house that is still been used for storing hay, it was fighting for survival amongst the tall grass an indication of its will to survive. Sun fast flowers on tall branched stems, with high health glaucous green foliage. It's a sixty eight year old Iris, that inherited its classic form from both its classy parents, the pod parent bred by Dr P.A.Loomis' is the large rose-pink self, "Morocco Rose" this was crossed with "Alastor" the deep cyclamen pink with an underlay of gold bred by R.E Spender who was the Editor of the Iris Year Book (BIS) 1932-1939, and also co-authored the book,' Iris Culture for Amateurs' (Country Life Ltd,1937).

Often photos of Easter Bonnet are sent to me enquiring if it is a lost "Jean Stevens" iris which it obviously is not, but I have no doubt she would have been very proud to raise it.
 A bright and elegant historic Iris that you’ll find yourself drawn back to time and time again.

From National Iris Gardens 33rd. Catalog 1949
EASTER BONNET (Maxwell 1946) M. 38" H.M. A.I.S. 1946 : Put on your Easter Bonnet with the bands of gold upon it! Truly a beautiful blush pink with an unbelievable gold band on both standards and falls. A must have for the unusual. $3.00

Tell Iris Gardens Iris Catalog and Hybridizers Handbook 1951
EASTER BONNET (Maxwell-Norton,1944) M (Morocco Rose' X 'Alastor) Rodenite pink edged gold. H.M.46. $1.00

From Lyon's Irisland Catalog 1951

EASTER BONNET (Maxwell 1946) An enticing color, rhodenite pink, bordered with a half-inch margin of burnished gold on both the standards and the falls. A golden flush to the heart of the flower combines with a gold beard to make this startling new color combination very attractive. Mid-season. 36". $2.00

AIS Checklist 1949
EASTER BONNET (Maxwell-Norton, R. 1943). TB, 40", L.S7M, Morocco Rose X Alastor. Maxwell & Norton 1943. HM A.I.S. 1946

Photo Credit and Copyright Iris Hunter


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