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Catching the early morning sun, nearly said it all!!!! Visitors to the blog know I have a strong affection for Broken Colour Irises and 'MILLENNIUM FALCON' would have to take the cake, it is an extraordinary strong Iris that ticks all the boxes. Anyway I could wax lyrical regarding this Iris but, the master of reviews 'Perry Dyer' writing in his CONTEMPORARY VIEWS – 2002 already beat me to the punch and it is his compendious point of view that I have copied for you all below.

'The 9-1-1 AWARD is given to the New Iris that is, in my opinion, the most significant hybridizing achievement or color break, of the varieties I have seen. It was hard to put one above another this year, as far as impact and importance are concerned. But finally, I gave the nod to MILLENNIUM FALCON (Kasperek 2000), a choice Color Breaker of the highest quality. I would say this is the culmination of the intense dedicated work Brad has done in this style of iris, but I won’t, because I expect great, festive things from him for years to come! Even if you have snubbed Color Breakers as “freaks”, and wouldn’t dare consider “lowering your standards” to support (translation: VOTE) for one of these things, well, you’re just gonna have to get over it! Millennium Falcon has all the poise and sophistication of the best of the “non-spashers” (!), and is a complete package, with strong plant habits, consistent growth, resistance to adverse weather conditions, flowers with broad, architecturally sound form, and that all-important quality – PERSONALITY. It is basically a neglecta, with light blue standards with a touch of lavender in their makeup and elegant white streaking, and rich royal blue falls with the white streaking with a bit more intensity.'

Say's it all don't you think!!!

AIS Checklist 1999
MILLENNIUM FALCON (Brad Kasperek, registered 1998) Seedling 94B-23C. TB, height 38" (97 cm), mid season bloom. Standards light wistaria blue (RHS 92A), silver white (155D) streaks; style arms violet blue; falls rich royal blue (89B), silver white streaks; beards orange, hairs tipped blue; broken color pattern; ruffled; slight fragrance. 'Gnus Flash' X 92B-49Z: ('Batik' x 89B-42E: ('Rustic Dance' x 'Maria Tormena')). Zebra 2000. Honorable Mention 2002, Award of Merit 2004, Wister Medal 2008.

Zebra Gardens is t
he Hybridiser Brad Kasperek web site, and displays all his exciting new releases 

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