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Border Bearded Iris SOPRA IL VULCANO

This stunning Iris is the result of crosses between three irises that on average were each twenty years old at the time of hybridising in 1998. It is ‘Sopra Il Vulcano’, which had a big say in the iris ‘Some Like it Hot’ and it’s this iris that got me thinking (believe it or not) about New Zealand hybridising. This has resulted in this plus the next three posts, so in a way you could say this iris has hidden talent and so has its Italian hybridiser Augusto Bianco. It is a pity that this is the only one of his irises that I know off that made it to New Zealand. The photo was taken in March re-blooming at Carol Rogerson Gardens.

Perry Dyer CONTEMPORARY VIEWS – 2000/2001
SOPRA IL VULCANO (Bianco 1998) is a rich study in contrasts. The translation for this dramatic bicolor is "Over the Volcano", so go with me here. The standards are a fiery blend of hot copper, rose, and even burnt orange. The falls are a rich, sultry red-wine, deep in saturation. Fiery smoky orange beards finish the mood. The flower size and height of stalk are right at the limit, but the “look” is more BB than "Small-Tall".

AIS Checklist 1999
SOPRA IL VULCANO (Augusto Bianco, R. 1998) Sdlg. 390-A. BB, 27" (69 cm), M ; S. and style arms blended rose, buff and copper; F. velvety red wine, border slightly lighter, distinct white striations on shoulders and around smoky carrot beard; ruffled; slight spicy fragrance. Love Chant X (Sunrise Sunset x Shenanigan). Contemporary, Iride 1998.

Pod and Pollen Parents
AIS Checklist

LOVE CHANT (B. Blyth, R. 1979) Sdlg. K70-1. TB, 36" (91 cm), EM ; S. white with faint flush of pink around midrib; F. smooth light apricot; tangerine-orange beard. (Panoramic x Twist and Shout) X Lisa Ann. Tempo Two 1979/80.
As a matter of interest, looking at the pedigree in a little more depth, ‘Love Chant’ the pollen parent of 'Sopra Il Vulcano', has Barry Blyth’s 'Twist and Shout' in the parentage, which has the much crossed Jean Steven’s favourite 'Sunset Snows' as a parent.

SUNRISE SUNSET Williamson 1977 36" EM ( Launching Pad x Georgia Girl)

SHENANIGAN Keppel 1983 BB 25" E-M ( Flamenco sib x Round Up sib ) x April Melody )) x Peccadillo sib

As always clicking on the above image will take you to the larger, higher resolution version.
Photo credit Carol Rogerson who you would have to agree takes some amazing photos and the iris world is a better place because of this. Copyright Iris Hunter.


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