Sunday, January 27, 2013

New Zealand Bred Aril Iris MAGIC MUSHROOM

As you can read below the Catalogue introduction has as much 'hooray henry' as the Checklist description and someone must have told the writer of both to stick to the facts, or perhaps its just a display of the hybridiser's modesty . This is an iris that I purchased from a seller on 'Trade Me' last season and I am mighty glad I did. A ¼ bred oncogelia hybrid, intermediate in height strong stalks that display smallish blooms that are pleasing on the eye, blooms have a nice sheen that highlights a broken colour maroon purple flecking adding to the intensity of the mixed colours certainly draws the garden visitor towards the bloom . Strong plant growth very rounded blooms. A cross of a standard dwarf iris as the pod parent and the pollen parent is the ½ bred oncogelia hybrid  'Tabriz'  a winner of 'Clarence G. White Award'. Very Early, Blooms with the SDB but even with only first year growth has a long bloom period, and is a must see should you want your definition of beige to change. If you find it for sale on Trade Me or if you have to add it to your order from Richmond Iris Garden, Buy it! It's an exotic look you'll love.
Based purely on merit this is an iris that should be in the NZ Dykes Test Garden and would be a winner.

Richmond Iris Garden Catalogue, 376 Hill Street, Nelson. Issue 56, 2008-2009
New Introductions.
MAGIC MUSHROOM: AB ( A. Nicoll '06) Standards purple flecking over beige, falls old gold washed purple with maroon veining around beards.

New Zealand Iris Hybridisers Cumulative Checklist 2012
MAGIC MUSHROOM  Alison Nicoll, Reg.,2006. Sdlg. AO2D5-4. AB (OGB-), 17", (43cm), M ; Standards beige, purple flecking; style arms old gold, bluish centre line; Falls old gold over washed purple, maroon-red veining around gold beard. Adoring Glances X Tabriz. Richmond Iris Gardens 2008/09.

As always clicking on the above image will take you to the larger, higher resolution version.
Photo credit and copyright Iris Hunter. (Just how many New Zealand Bred Irises is that now?????)


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