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Happy New Year to you all!
I really do like Irises of this colouration. This is an iris with just slightly better than average increase and the photo shows I hope that 'Good Vibration' with its moderate sized flowers on iron rod stems have that 'cool detached symphony meets iris eye candy' look about it.
If you can find this iris I recommend you buy it, growing into a large clump it will give any garden that special look, 
you'll love it .

Schreiner's, Salem,Oregon, 75th Diamond Anniversary, 2000 Iris Lovers Catalog.
GOOD VIBRATIONS (Schreiner 1997) ML. 37"
Good Vibrations brings a unique new color combination to the Iris family. Note the 1/2" band of apricot-orange that contrasts the pristine white centers of the flaring falls. The same warm apricot tones uniformly tint the erect standards. Strong stems easily support 7-8 buds in all sorts of weather.

Tempo Two, Pearcedale, Victoria, Australia. Iris and Daylilies Catalogue  2004-2005
GOOD VIBRATIONS (Schreiner '97 USA) ML 37" Light tangerine orange standards and white falls edged with a half inch band of tangerine orange. Beards are tangerine. Lightly ruffled blooms on show stems. Weather resistant. (Inv. Flaming Light, Oraglow, Celestial Glory etc.) HM99 AM01.

AIS Checklist 1999
GOOD VIBRATIONS Schreiner, Reg. 1997 Sdlg. DD 753-A. TB, 37" (94 cm), ML Styles and style arms tangerine orange (RHS 24B); Falls white (155D), 1/2" tangerine orange marginal band; beards tangerine, white at end; ruffled; slight fragrance. W 752-2: (S 656-1: ((Pinafore Pink x (Oraglow x unknown)) x (Something Else x (((R 16-2 x Celestial Glory) x Flaming Star) x Gold Trimmings))) x N 720-1: (((Fairy Fable x Christmas Time) x Party Look) x Flaming Light)) X Y 716-A: (R 513-7: (Fiery Chariot x (((((June Meredith x Lynn Hall) x Fairy Fable) x Esther Fay) x Bright Butterfly) x Flaming Day)) x S 656-1). Schreiner 1997. HM 1999, AM 2001.

"Good Vibrations" is the title of a 1966 song by American rock band 'The Beach Boys', but I think the name aptly sums up my thoughts for 2013

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