Thursday, June 13, 2013


Please take the time and read the above from one of the Greats!
Published in 1883, I considered Sir Michael Fosters completely unabridged article 'Notes on Irises' needed once again to have some light shine upon his words and allow the readers see how prescient the man really was.
Now as an aside, I did consider sending the article to a ghost twitter writer who works for one of those gossip mag things to add some spicy little snippets of completely useless information like, without identifying the source suggesting the colour and weave of the jacket 'Foster' was wearing at the time of writing, perhaps we could say who were his acquaintances that  stopped by for tea that day, or maybe we could have suggested he was a member of a lodge with secret handshakes....... and then perhaps with all this overwhelming stretched credibility, and a few selective iris facts tossed in
to establish extra perceived trustworthiness, coupled with a dollop of suspect innuendo, it could at a later date become a mock iris history book...... with the outcome creating a following of cramped intelligence including a Lewis Carroll homage thing tossed in for good measure......need I go on.........Now as irresistible as this sounds I'm sure you already know some prankster has already written a very expensive book loosely based on the above idea and Classic Irises.....…and lets face it there must be a finite demand for tittle-tattle !!



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