Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Tall Bearded Iris BOLD VISION

Long blooming, dramatic, and bold. It's a wonderful rich deep yellow iris with falls banded nearly an inch thick in a airbrushed brownish-red. A white zonal spot highlights the bright orange gold beards. Stalks are strong, of moderate height, with good branching, amazing coloured buds. Fred Kerr suggests 'Bold Vision' is a zonal variegata, Perry Dyer  suggests it is a Emma Cook Pattern. I just think its a ray of sunshine.

Contemporary Views, 2003-2004, Perry Dyer– Emma Cook Pattern.
BOLD VISION (Kerr 2000) is from the same hybridizer which gave us another Emma Cook type, ‘Queen’s Circle’, but the pattern is the only thing that is similar. Color combination, instead, is rich yellow standards and falls, then precisely banded in bold brown-red. Yellow beards blend in to the base color. A nice advancement over an earlier Emma Cook type introduction from Fred, ‘Dear Jean’, with richer color and more elegant banding. It is finally receiving the recognition it deserves.

Fred Kerr's, Rainbow Acres, North Highlands, California.
BOLD VISION (Kerr 2000)  29" Early through late. (Citoyen X Lena Baker sib) The latest of our line of zonal variegatas. Bold Vision has the darkest red band of the line. The one and a quarter inch fall band surrounds dark yellow center with a startling white area just under the gold beards. The standards are of darkest yellow. Good bud count. HM 2002 AM 2006 

AIS Checklist 1999
BOLD VISION Frederick Kerr, Reg 1999. Sdlg. 936307. TB, 29" (74 cm), EML. S. dark yellow; F. dark yellow, lighter around gold beard, wide brownish red band; ruffled, flared. Citoyen' X 9111A, Dear Jean sib. Rainbow Acres 2000.

Available in New Zealand from Richmond Iris Garden.
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Photo credit and copyright Iris Hunter.  

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