Thursday, August 22, 2013

How to Hybridise Bearded Iris, Iris Genetics and Hybridizing with Dr. Kenneth Kidd -- PART 1

As the new Iris season is getting close, and for those of us thinking about giving Iris Hybridising a go this season, you would have to agree it was very good timing that  GardenClips producer Patrick Volk sent me this message today "I was recently shooting video of irises at the Marsh Botanical Garden at Yale University when we ran into Dr Kenneth K. Kidd, Professor of Genetics, of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and of Psychiatry at the Yale School of Medicine who dabbles in breeding bearded iris and he graciously agreed on the spot to show us how he does it. Your readers may find these videos to be a useful visual aid".
In the book 'The World of Irises' Chapter 26 'Iris genetics' was written by the very same Dr.Kenneth Kidd in 1978 and is still a relevant and interesting read, very useful when your hybridizing becomes just a little more serious than fun.The art and fun of iris hybridising is in choosing which pollen parent to cross on which pod parent.

  Big hat tip to Patrick Volk and the team at

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