Friday, November 1, 2013

Tall Bearded Iris CIRCUS STRIPES

Some in the past have criticised 'Circus Stripes' because it lacks consistency with its plicata striations..................Now ain't that amazing huh!!!!
'Circus Stripes' is a classic campanula violet or grape juice [Ref 1]
coloured plicata on a 'pure as the' white base .
Domed standards have striations radiating from the bottom of the midrift towards a heavily coloured solid edge. Wide and flaring falls with vagarious striations that end in a semi solid but also feathered margin. Great branching, blooms often opening 2 or 3 at once on strong stalks. Swollen buds are an additional visual feature. After 38 years 'Circus Stripes' is still daring and irresistibly original.

Schreiner's, Salem, Oregon, 57th Annual, Iris Lovers Catalog, 1982.
CIRCUS STRIPES   (Plough, 1976) EM. 36"
How well named! This Iris is theatrical in the boldness of its etched markings. Its campanula violet veining in the center turns into heavier plicata edges on the petal tips as if a paint pot was spilled over white ground. Dramatic and stagey in appearance. You and your friends will surely stop and look at this exciting novelty. A well branched and most satisfactory grower.HM 78

AIS Checklist 1979
CIRCUS STRIPES  G. Plough, Reg. 1975. Sdlg. 69-17-3. TB 30" (76 cm) M.     S. white, edges veined campanula violet, heavier at tip; F. white, overall veining of campanula violet; white to yellow beard. Winner's Circle X 66-73-19, sib., Eden Road 1976. Honorable Mention 1978

Colours can vary from garden to garden or different soil types
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[Ref 1] Maerz and Paul, Dictionary of Color, 1st ed. color 219

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  1. I've been growing this beautiful iris in New York State since the mid 1980s. It is quite an eye-catcher. It grows well and never an issue with borers. The only issue it has is the flower stalks tend to topple over pretty quickly, within a day or two of full bloom, and immediately if it rains. But they look impressive in a bouquet.


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