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Tall Bearded Iris CALIENTE

While we are on the subject of 'Bucket List Irises' I just had to take a photo of an Iris I have always considered one of 'The Best of The Best'. 'Caliente' is a Spanish word and when translated into English, it means hot as in attractive, and the photo shows how aptly this iris has been named. In the year 1969 'Caliente' was awarded a Honorable Mention, it was also in the same year entered  in the International Iris Contest in Florence as Seedling 64-9 and was placed third overall in the Premio Firenze, but more importantly in the same competition it won the title 'Best Red'. A vigorous all weather iris with great health, beautiful purple-based foliage which is coupled with generous increase. Claret wine red self with velvet texture and leathery substance. Nice contrast with bright bushy golden beards. Stems are tall, and in keeping with its vintage has candelabrum as opposed to candelabra branching on strong stems, stalks often opening 3 at once, with plenty of backup buds to ensure a great display of blooms for 'Caliente's' super long length of bloom season. 
For me, years ago when I first saw this iris it was an absolute must have, and today is still a high-quality soul soothing classic!!
More on bucket irises in my next post!!!

Region 14 Northern California, Nevada, Regional Bulletin, Fall 1967.
Views from a Crystal Ball, Joe Ghio.
Caliente (Luihn) A sombre deep crimson with a darkish cast. A fine advancement in the red class since it has fine formed flowers on tall, well branched stalks with many buds.

Mission Bell Gardens, Melba and Jim Hamblen,  South Roy, Utah.
Introductions for 1968.
CALIENTE (Walt Luihn). ML. 38". Brilliant wine-red of exceptional smoothness and clarity of color, highlighted by a heavy beard of antique gold. The standards are domed and the wide flaring falls have a jaunty lilt. Strong stalks with superb branching and prolific bud count. ((Tompkins 54-173 x BANG) x (ORIENTAL GLORY X HUNTSMAN)) X FORWARD MARCH. Sdlg. 64-9. HC '66 Net $25.00

Bulletin of the American Iris Society,April 1968, Number 189.
'My Want List', Larry M. Harder.

Walter Luihn has a new red iris that is scheduled as a future introduction called CALIENTE. This is the first yellow-bearded red iris that has impressed me. I also noted the outstanding branching of this variety.

Richmond Iris Garden, 376 Hill Street, Nelson. Bearded Irises 1971-72.
CALIENTE  - M.L. 36"
Brilliant wine red of exceptional smoothness highlighted by a wide heavy beard of antique gold.

Schreiners Salem,Oregon. Iris Lover's catalog 1971
CALIENTE   (W.Luihn, 1967) ML. 38"
Brilliant wine red of exceptional smoothness and luminous color highlighted by a wide heavy beard of antique gold. A wide-petaled beauty with domed standards and jaunty flaring falls.

Cooleys Gardens, Silverton, Oregon. Iris Catalog, 1982.
CALIENTE   (Luihn, '67) ML. 36"
Brilliant wine red, highlighted by a wide heavy beard of antique gold. Wide-petaled  ith domed standards and flaring falls. HC, '66 ; HM, '62 ; AM, '71 ;

Bay Blooms Nurseries, Cambridge Road, Tauranga Spring / Summer 1996 Catalogue.
Bearded Irises
CALIENTE. This smooth, deep brown-red is an absolute self except for the harmonising bronze beards that are hardly noticeable. Round full form.
(The beard colour description for Bay Blooms beggars belief they were either describing another Iris or were colour blind, their is no way Caliente's beard  is hardly noticeable.)

AIS Checklist 1969
CALIENTE    Walter Luihn, Reg. 1967. Sdlg. 64-9. TB 38" ML. R1.    Wine red self; bright gold beard. ((Tompkins 54-173 x Bang) x (Oriental Glory x Huntsman)) X Forward March., Mission Bell 1968. HC 1966, HM 1969.AM 71.

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