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French Historic Tall Bearded Iris, INNOCENZA.

The American Iris Society published a Discard List in 1931 and included amongst the 141 Lémon varieties listed for discard was today's featured iris 'Innocenza'. 
I still find this list to be at the time an incredulous level of arrogance by some within the iris world. Amazingly short sighted to suggest the discard of irises that were mainly British or European bred, listed on 22 pages with an average of 70 irises per page (approx. 1500 irises). The legendry breeder William Caparne when campaigning vigorously against the discard list wrote "It is a narrowing down of the idea of things beautiful instead of expanding it".

Bertrand H. Farr, Wyomissing Pennsylvania. Farr's Catalogue of Hardy Plants Specialities, 1910.
Iris Germanica-Variegata Section.
INNOCENZA. S. and F. ivory white, crest rich golden, a very delicate and beautiful flower, 26 in. 25c.

G. G. Whitelegg & Co, Chislehurst, Kent,Catalogue of Irises 1921
June Flowering Irises, General Collection.
Innocenza. Pure white, with slight reticulations at the throat. A most useful variety.

Les Iris Cultivés,  1922.
choix de 100 variétés
39. Innoncenza (Lémon 1854). Blanc presque pur.

Bulletin of the American Iris Society, January 1923, Number 7.
Descriptions of Varieties, Part II.
Self, W.                Lemon, 1854
Brief. White. S. cupped; F. drooping; stalk low and well-branched;
growth moderate to vigorous; 30 in.
Details. Haft finely reticulated blackish purple to burnt lake; beard
conspicuous white, orange tip.

Cayeux & Le Clerc, Quai de la Mègisserie, 8, Paris. Catalog 1925.
Innocence (Lémon 1854) Pure white, with slight reticulations at the throat, yellow beard.

Vilmorin Andrieux & Cie, 4 Quai de la Mégisserie, Paris (1er), Plantes 1925.
Iris Vivaces Hybrids, Série Générale.
Innocenza. Tardif. Fleurs blanc pur avec chenille jaune, à divisions infèrieures lègèrement 
striées brun à la base.

Cornell Extension Bulletin 112, Austin W. Sand, 1925.
Innocenza. (Lémon 1854) Color effect a white self. Standards white with brown and purple reticulations on the claw. Falls clear white, inconspicuously veined purple on the haft.
The dense beard is conspicuously orange tipped. Innocenza ia a moderately vigorous grower, with a medium, yellow green foliage. The low branching flowering stalks are freely produced, and carry flowers of a good substance till late in the season. Its clear color and showy, golden beard make it one of the best ten, a good cut flower and excellent for mass effect. It is one of the older sorts, not fully appreciated when rated at 71.

Courtesy U S Department of Agriculture Farmers Bulletin 1406

U S Department of Agriculture Farmers Bulletin 1406, January 1926.
Garden Irises B. Y. Morrison
Beginning with the white varieties, there is a group in which are included the truly white ones, as, for example, Iris albicans (fig. 22) ; those which are white with some colored reticulations in the throat, as in Innocenza (fig. 23) or Mrs. Horace Darwin; those of white faintly washed or tinted with color, but still counting for white in garden effect, as in Iris florentina (fig. 24), and perhaps as in Pancroft, which may be taken as the/other extreme of tinting;

E.Turbat & Cie , Route d'Olivet 67, Orleans, France.
Automne 1930 Printemps 1931 (variétés nouvelles ou rares)
Innocence (Innocenza). Blanc pur avec chenille blanche légèrement strié brun à la base. Tardif.

  AIS Checklist 1939
INNOCENZA TB-M-WW (Lémon 1854) Van Houtte 1854; Garden Chronicle 1894, Van Tubergen 1900; Farr, 1912; Wing 1920; Buccleuch Nursuries,1938; AAA Journal Royal Horticultural Society; Highly Commended Royal Horticultural Society 1903; Commended Royal Horticultural Society 1917; Journal Royal Horticultural Society 1918; Horticultural Directory and Year Book, 1918;

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 Major Hat Tips and "Merci beaucoup" to Nathalie Faivre for her amazing photo's, and Parc Floral de Paris for the use of the photo's, and to Catherine Adam for her direction and help with the French Language, catalogue listings, and my sincere thanks for her tireless pursuit with the preservation of French Historic Iriseswe are all truly grateful.

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