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Historic Border Bearded Iris RICHARD II

The Garden, 1st July 1916.
Iris germanica Richard II. — A late-flowering Bearded Iris said to be a seedling from Black Prince, and, if so, would, we imagine, be more correctly grouped with the I. neglecta varieties. It is a handsome and distinct sort, with deep purplish violet falls bordered with white ; standard'- bluish white. Valuable for its late flowering. From Mr. Amos Perry, Enfield.

The Gardener's Chronicle, July 1st, 1916.
Iris Richard II. — The new Iris illustrated  in fig. 3 is a notable addition to garden varieties. The falls are coloured deep violet, whilst the  standards are white, the dark and light tones contrasting in a marked degree. The veining on the falls and the rich gold colour of the crest give additional beauty to the flower. The variety received the R.H.S. Award of Merit on the 20th June. when shown by Mr. Amos Perry. 

G. G. Whitelegg & Co, Chislehurst, Kent,Catalogue of Irises 1921
June Flowering Irises, General Collection.
RICHARD II. (Dykes). one of the most fascinating Iris yet introduced and one of the most prolific, neat tufts of light green foliage, stout stems, well furnished with medium-sized ·flowers, standards pure white, falls deep violet conspicuously margined white.

The Dykes Irises, Mrs Dykes, Bobbingcourt, Pyle Hill, Mayford, Woking, Surrey. Irises of 1927
List 2 June Flowering Irises. General collection of varieties raised by Mr. W. R. Dykes
 RICHARD II. (1914).- A seedling of "The Black Prince." Neat tufts of light green foliage, stout stems, well furnished with medium-sized flowers, standards pure white; falls deep violet conspicuously margined white. 1½- to 2 feet.

A H. Burgess and Son, Iris Specialists, Waikanae, Wellington. 1936 Irises.
  RICHARD II.  Standards white; Falls deep violet, with a very handsome white margin. Very dwarf. Suitable for a rock garden. Late 1ft.

Amos Perry's Diary. Printed for private circulation 1946.
Being a record of plants raised and introduced by Amos Perry.
Iris Barbata. 1911
Richard II. Award of Merit Royal Horticultural Society
A beautiful border Iris with purple falls bordered with white. The standards are white; it was obtained as a seedling from Black Prince/ Raised by W. R. Dykes entire stck purchased 1914

AIS Checklist 1939
 RICHARD II., DB-M-W3 (Dykes 1914) Perry 1914; The Garden Chronicle, July 1916; Rainbow Iris Gardens, 1921; Earl Wooddell Sheets, 1938; William Clibrain & Son, 1938; Anton Roozen & Sons Holland,(BLACK PRINCE X BLACK PRINCE); AAA Journal Royal Horticultural Society  137; A.M. R.H.S., 1916 shown by Perry.

There is a very good chance that this Iris grows somewhere in England. I have highlighted it on the Blog so it may find its name. Maybe at Sissinghurst?? Research show it blooms midseason, bloom stalks 22" in height and looks like a mini 'Wabash'.

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