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Tall Bearded New Zealand Iris 'FOAMING SEAS'

Waterson Irises
, Wanganui.  1959-60 Catalogue.

Rarely has a new iris in this country received such high acclaim before its introduction as has this lovely and sensational silver-blue, which we are introducing for its raiser, Mrs. Stevens, this year. During the flowering season last November, there was always a small crowd around Foaming Seas, photographing, examining, or just standing drinking in the beauty of its crystalline blossoms. It is being introduced in America later this season by Schreiner’s Iris Gardens of Oregon, and it is due to the courtesy of Mr. Robert Schreiner that we are able to offer it this summer, a few months prior to its American début. The very large flowers, beautifully frilled and ruffled, are lightest silvery blue, deepening softly to an intense silver blue towards the hafts of both standards and falls. A white beard, tipped silver blue where it extends on to the fall, and a clear tracery of blue on the hafts, add to its distinctive individuality. The standards, like the falls, are heavily ruffled and remain firmly upright throughout the life of the flower. 3 ft.

Above Picture courtesy of Schreiner's Iris Lover's catalog 1964

 Schreiner's, Salem,Oregon, Iris Lovers Catalog, 1960.
FOAMING SEAS (Stevens 1960)
Mrs Stevens New Zealand's well known iris hybridizer Combines with her iris hybridising talents a flare for aptness of nomenclature as well exemplified here. This novel frothy light blue suggests the dynamic quality of churning foam-capped seas. An unusual garden iris with an irresistible appeal in the clump. Foaming seas does not carry oncocyclus blood despite its appearance. It is an easy grower and copious bloomer-as well as a natural conversation piece in any garden.

Bulletin of the American Iris Society, January 1962, Number 164.
Honors Review and Preview, by Melba Hamlen.
Jean Stevens latest creation, is in my opinion her most beautiful iris. The blossoms are large with wide ruffled petals. Light blue with a matching beard, it has subtle purple haft markings that set it apart from others of similar coloring.

Bulletin of the American Iris Society, October 1962, Number 167.
Irises From North Carolina s Coastal Plains to the Foot of Pikes Peak, Ralph and Helen Lewis.
FOAMING SEAS (Stevens 1960). This is a big, stylish light blue, notable for purity of color, excellence of form, and a profusion of ruffles.

Cooleys Gardens, Silverton, Oregon. Iris Catalog 1964.
FOAMING SEAS (Stevens, '60)  A frothy, ruffly light blue with deeper veins, suggestive of the churning surf against a rocky shore. The beard is blue-white. Massive flowers, widely spreading in form and freely produced on 3-foot stalks. 

HM AIS,1960.................................Each $3.50

Schliefert Iris Gardens, Murdock, Nebraska, 29th Annual Catalog, 1970

FOAMING SEAS ( Stevens 60)
A well named frothy light blue with pale blue-white beard. Petals wide and well rounded. HM 1960

AIS 1959 checklist

FOAMING SEAS (Stevens, R. 1957). Sdlg #El 94 /4 . TB 46", B1L. Very pale blue self, slightly deeper at hafts; pale blue-white beard. Jane Phillips x ((((Calpurnia x Morocco Rose) x Summit) x (sister of Summit x Tropic Moon) x Chicory Blue)., Waterson 1959; Schreiner 1960. HM 1960.

Photo Credit and Copyright Iris Hunter


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