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Tall Bearded Iris 'BAYBERRY CANDLE'

Above Photo of 'Bayberry Candle' was taken in the gardens at “Beccles,” Bulls, New Zealand, which is one of New Zealand’s early historic Iris Gardens. We do grow this iris in our collection and I consider it to be one of the great classics in Iris breeding and has to date no counterpart in colouration, it's a reasonably recent newcomer to the historic Iris catalogue. The iris is grown commercially in New Zealand and can be purchased by discerning gardeners from Amazing Iris Garden, Katikati.(see New Zealand Iris Growers Link above)

De Forests' IRISNOLL, Route 3, Box 363, Canby, Oregon. Latest Introductions 1969.
BAYBERRY CANDLE '69. 38 inches. Widely flaring flower of excellence substance. Standards chartreuse to lime ; white inside. Styles white and chartreuse. Falls clean, light golden-olive with darker area around beard. From a seedling of Dawn Crest by seedling of Mary Randall, crossed Golden Chance. Rapid increaser..............$25.00

Cooley's Iris Garden catalogue 1976
'A rich brassy green bi-colour with chartreuse lime standards and a brighter gold and olive-green falls. A unique and showy colour with excellent form. Beards are a radiant gold'.

BayBloom Nurseries, Tauranga, The Connoisseurs Catalogue, Spring-Summer 1988  BAYBERRY CANDLE. The whole flower has a brassy metallic overtone. Almost brass green hued, it is a bi-colour with rich chartreuse standards and gold toned olive green falls with the colour intensified around the bright gold beards. A must for every iris collection.

Amazing Iris Garden Catalogue 2007/2008
Standards are chartreuse and falls of gold, toned olive green. Bright gold beard, nice iris $8.00

1969 Checklist AIS description
BAYBERRY CANDLE (C. DeForest, R. 1966) Sdlg. 66-19 TB 36” M Y3cm S. chartreuse to lime, white inside and styles; F golden olive-green, deeper centre; brown beard (Dawn Crest x S8-38) X (Mary Randall x Golden Chance), Irisnoll 1969 HM 1970, AM 1972.

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